Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My Makeup Courses

So, I've been working on my new course content for a while now and I have announced a few dates before I go to have this baby. I'd love you to take a look at my site and see what you think. I have three courses that I think suit most people's needs. I teach them all with a huge mix of brands so you are getting my completely non-biased opinion.
The Complete Beauty Edit is a full day course where I teach four basic and beautiful makeup looks with my choice of the best products. Two for day, and two for night. You will then do two of the looks on yourself with my help. I like to keep it nice and small so everyone can relax and feel comfortable. I only take 8-10 people at a time as more than that and it can get a bit chaotic! I teach this one in the lovely studios of the LA Makeup Academy.

Beauty On A Budget is a three hour course where I showcase my picks of the best of the budget beauty brands. This is a bit of a crusade for me as I really feel that people are stumped as to how to find quality products at the cheaper end of the market. But the truth is that there are fantastic things out there once you know what you are looking for and learn how to choose it yourself without the help of sales assistants. On this course I teach an easy and pretty daytime look and a stunning night time look and I truly believe that you can fill your makeup bag with under €100 instead of spending a fortune (that no-one has anymore, right?)

My third course is another three hour session that is particularly close to my heart - Mama Makeover. As a mum, I truly understand how things change during pregnancy and particularly after the arrival of the small ones; you are exhausted and you look it! You feel under pressure for time, sanity and everything else and it's vitally important to do something for yourself even if it's only minor.  You can learn what beauty products are really effective to brighten and nourish your skin and even if you only have two minutes each day, they can make a difference. I focus on multi-purpose products and quick makeup tricks to make you look alive.. you may feel like a shadow of your former self but you won't look it!

My courses are very relaxed and I try to keep them fun and light-hearted. Makeup is not rocket science, it's an easy way to looking and feeling good once you know how! I'll have all the brands and products you have read about here so the courses are like an interactive Ellie Loves really!

I'd love to meet some of you sometime, so have a look at the site and tell me what you think...


The Caffeinated Spaz said...

All three of your courses sound great! If I lived in the LA Area I would totally take one. But alas, I live way the heck in Canada.

-Candice :)

Rosemary said...

I love the sound of the first one - my day and night looks are remarkably similar, and if they ARE different, I only have two! I never know how to mix it up!

Anonymous said...

i can recommend doing a course, my friend and I did a makeup edit with Ellie early this year, it was deadly!finally made me embrace wearing any colour on my lips!Áine

Anonymous said...

Hi Ellie, I'm sure I spotted you out shopping this morning, if I hadn't been in the middle of paying for something I would have run after you and told you how much I love your blog :-)

miffy said...

All the courses sound fab, Ellie. I love the sound of the first one for myself as I have tons of makeup but am always stumped for evening looks. The mama makeover course sounds like an ideal present for a new mum :)

Can I ask what palette is in the firs tpic, by the way? Not that I need more shadows lol but it looks divine.

Thanks, and good luck with both the imminent arrival and the new courses. Hope to see you there some day.

Ellie Balfe said...

Thanks everyone for commenting!

@Aine - so glad you've embraced colour!

@Anon - Were you in Dundrum? if so, it was me! Really glad you like the blog!

@Miffy - Hope to see you someday too! The palette is made up of Stila shadows, the one I'm dipping my brush in is called Starlight.


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