Friday, April 1, 2011

Wonder Oil

I was sent this (slightly scary looking) black bottle called Skin & Bones to try out recently and I was quite curious as to what was inside. It is labelled as a luxurious face body and hair oil so I immediately became a little dubious of it's 'multi-tasking' properties. Can any one product really do it all? Or do one or two of it's claims get left behind a tad. God knows, I know how hard it is to truly pull it off as an effective multi-tasker... Show me any mother and I'll show you a slightly frazzled, slightly breathless, slightly about-to-lose-it 'multi-tasker'!
But that aside, perhaps it's easier for an oil... their requirements merely being to soothe and moisturise. Oh and also nourish, condition and nurture. Sounding similar to a mother's role now eh?!
I digress, this oil is in fact, a bit of a wonder oil. It consists of 9 essential oils in a jojoba base. Jojoba is the one oil that is totally skin compatible so it doesn't leave you looking like an oil slick ten minutes later. The other oils are Ylang Ylang, Rosewood, Lemon, Frankincense , Myrrh, Sandalwood, Jasmine, Grapefuit, and Cedarwood. Phew! This roll call of top oils work together to create a completely balanced gentle warrior for your skin all housed in a violet glass bottle to protect the integrity of the oils. And it can indeed be used everywhere. I have used it to condition the ends of my hair, on my face at night, on cracked heels and dry elbows all to great effect. So it does multi-task and very well too. Mine came from fab Irish store Mise Beauty and I've given it a Hero In My Bathroom status.

I also like the tone of the brand and the press release made me smile, here's an excerpt... I love the 'alien' part!

Skin & Bones is a unisex product, a single product for all your skin care and body needs. Love it.
What do you do with it?  Put in hands, rub everywhere.
Examples of everywhere:  Moisturize face, neck, hands, and feet.  Reduce wrinkles.  Balance oil to give a glow while still getting the dry areas.  Heal cuticles, energize scalps and hair follicles, tame split ends, condition hair, conquer stretch marks and melt cellulite.
Who gets to use it:  Women, men, children, babies, pets, and aliens.
When:  Morning and night, all the time, as much as you want.
Why:  Because it is simple, pure, real, luxurious, organic, therapeutic, and free of anything bad.  It also happens to be glorious, celebrated, magnificent, splendid, famous and wonderful.
Best reason to use:  If a moisturizer was alive and would lovingly do whatever you told it to do - this would be it.

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