Thursday, September 30, 2010

Just A Quickie

I've just painted my toenails in this fab shade, Rapid Ruby by Rimmel. It's one of my tried and tested reds and it's perfect for this time of year. It's that bit deeper than the orangey based reds of the summer months.
But the main bonus of this polish is that fact that it really does dry in 60 seconds. I can even put my shoes on a few minutes afterwards and there is no smudging. A product that does what it says it does....Lovely!
I find that it can lose it's glossy sheen after a day or two though, but a quick top up of top coat and the nails are perfect again.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I've just put Lulu down to sleep and I spent a while lying beside her looking at her sleep. It's one of the joys of parenting as far as I'm concerned.They look so little and peaceful. And quiet!
So any initiatives that help with improving children's lifestyles or life expectancy are good to me.
Through my friend, Tara, I have just become aware of the Pampers and UNICEF Big Kiss campaign to help stamp out tetanus in developing countries where it kills so many and there are 170 million women still at risk. UNICEF have treated 100 million people so far but there is a long way to go yet. A simple vaccine shot can prevent this and lead to healthy births, healthy Mums, healthy babies and healthy lives.
Pampers are honouring one vaccine per person who clicks on the link on various ambassadors sites so please go to Tara's blog here, have a read and click on those lips.

As in life in general...the more kisses, the better!

Love Leopard

This is a trend that will keep on coming back again and again, it's got cult status now. You can take Leopard print to various levels... use a scarf as an accent to add a twist to a simple casual look. I love the Parisian girl chic and what amazing boots!

A flash of print with classic black and white is gorgeous... keep it simple with the hair and makeup too.

Or go hell for leather with a dress. But soft and unstructured with low heels and casual day time accessories...a common thread with, but as far away from 'bar maid' as is possible to be!

(images from here )

My Under The Weather Face

Oh, my darlings, I've been quite under the weather for the past few days. Coupled with a little girl who is also ill and four totally sleepless nights in a row, suffice to say that I look pretty horrific! Yesterday as I was looking at my pasty face in the mirror and using my makeup magic wand to try to brighten myself up before I went to a meeting, I thought you may like to see what I used to pep things up in the face department.
First of all, my base is my usual saviour; MAC Face & Body in C2. It works every time to give coverage and glow without ever looking obvious. It is my all time favourite base for my skin.

Next, I had to bring in the big guns for my under eye area. My usual Clinique light reflecting pen just doesn't cut it when I've had no sleep and this concealer is always my reserve. Disappear by Estee Lauder has enough pigment to cover anything and still has a creamy enough consistency to avoid settling into lines. Go sparingly though, a little goes a long way. I also dabbed some around my red nose to hide the evidence of all the nose blowing!

My eyes feel red and closed so after I popped in a few brightening drops I needed to brighten further with the right choice of shadow. Dark shadows won't be your friend when you're feeling drab so I lightened up my entire lid with the slightly shimmery side (right, above) of the All About Eve palette from NARS. I then used some of the other more matte, pale peach tone over the socket bone to add a slight contour without adding much colour.

Then I turned to the classic Satin Taupe from MAC which I smudged into my lashline above and below for some soft definition to my eyes. I didn't feel that my poorly eyes could handle any harsh liner and the shimmery taupe helps to make my green eyes pop a bit.

I've been trialling the latest mascara from Bourjois for the past week and I think it's very good. It came into it's own yesterday in particular when my eyes needed all the help they could get to look open and awake. It has an unusual two step system whereby you can control the volume by using step 2 for more, or step 1 for less (the brush is dipped into more product according to which step you choose, therefore loading more product onto the lashes). I personally think it works best when I use step 2 first as it can clump a little. If you then use step 1 afterwards almost as a comb to brush through and remove the clumps, it perfects it, and the lashes look great. It worked yesterday anyway and that's all that mattered!

My cheeks needed some serious perking up to get rid of the palour so I used this lovely blush from new brand UNE which has just launched in Boots. It's called Breezy Cheeks and it has a soft creamy feel to it that glides on well. I applied lots all over my cheek and the soft pink had the desired effect, I instantly felt human again. When you're pale and washed out, a good pink is the only colour that will work...peach or tan shades won't help matters at all.

This liner has been in my personal makeup arsenal for a long time now. It is Whirl by MAC and I think it is a far superior shade to the ubiquitous Spice which is too orangey for my colouring. This is like my own lip colour but perhaps two shades deeper. It is the perfect base for pink and nude tones. I feather it lightly all over my lips to make sure the colour will last.

Last of all, my lip gloss of the moment; Snog by Rimmel. This is the perfect accompaniment to Whirl as it's a soft, gentle pink that gives the glow of health which I was so lacking! The tones tie in perfectly with the blush shade so all was looking fairly ok.... I loaded up with cough syrup, vitamins and echinacea and off I went to my meeting. Which went fairly well too, I'm happy to say, so all is well.

Now if I could get a nights sleep I won't know myself, as they say!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Happy Monday

Hi there my dears, did you have a good weekend? We took it extremely easy and I kicked back in old jeans and t-shirts, a pony tail and no makeup.... sometimes it's gotta be done!
Unfortunately we are all sick today... the change in season always gets me, no matter how may vitamins I take to protect against the dreaded colds. So, all three of us are spluttering and feeling pretty miserable so please forgive me if posting is light today.
I do have lot's of pretty things coming your way for the rest of the week though, as I'm spending today treasure hunting around the web for inspirations and ideas. Do tune in again soon!

Now for some chicken soup....

*the winner of the Friday Freebie is une tasse! email me...*

Friday, September 24, 2010

The Friday Freebie

This is Revlon ColorBurst lipstick in Coral and it's such a gorgeous colour. It livens up any skin tone and is great with any wardrobe choices.... good with black, denim blues, camels... a great new season shade. It's a deep coral, with a red orange base so don't go thinking tangerine tones here; this has the depth to transition you into the wintery red lip tones that are coming your way.

You know what to do to win...leave me a comment below and check back on Monday.

Have a wonderful weekend my dears.

Street Chic

As seen through the lens of the ever wonderful Scott...

Bags Of Style

The days of the huge leather shopper bags are over for me. At least for this season anyway!

This year I want ladylike, grown up handbags, reminiscent of the ones my Mum had when I was young. Yes, I'm harking back to the 70's, but aren't they lovely!

I wont be able to fit a thing in them as I'm so used to carrying the kitchen sink and Lu's entire changing kit in my big bags....but I'll learn to downsize!

(all from zara )

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Love This Shot

The hair, the jacket, the colours. Lovely.

(image via here )

Brilliant Becca

These are two lovely products from Becca; the fantastic Australian brand. I pretty much love (almost) everything that they do. Their foundations are stunningly gorgeous. At the moment though, I'm all over these! The Prairie Moon palette above is a really nice shade selection with soft, wearble grey-ish greens and a caramel lip gloss. The textures are soft and sheer and easy to blend. No they won't set you on fire with bang- on- trend- excitement but they will be your day to day best friend!

These Beach Tints are brilliant. They are a creamy stain used over the cheek and they are very long lasting which is great for those who may find that cream blushers can wear off over time. I also like to use them under a cheek shimmer as a base colour.
I admit they aren't the most purse friendly as it's a pricey range, but they are lovely for a treat that you no doubt deserve!
These two are limited edition but a lot of the main range is available here at great discounts, so check out their gorgeous-ness at a counter and order online...then you're winning!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Pure Chic

I love this particular outfit by Isabel Marant. She is the reason we are all looking with interest at pointy kitten heels again paired with sexy cropped trousers and loose jumpers. Gorgeous French chic. I also love the behind the scenes pic below, almost sexier than the runway stride, don't you think?!

(images via here and here )

High Marks for High Lengths

This was one of the mascaras that I tested in my makeup category for the Prudence Beauty Awards and I gave it very high marks. It is the High Lengths mascara by Clinique and when I opened the tube to see the wand initially, I admit I gave a little groan of despair... I thought it was yet another gimicky brush that I would hate. I was quite wrong. I've never used a brush like this one with good results but this one is different. It is a line of tiny tines, like a mini comb. But it's at the perfect angle for good results. It is one sided so there is no confusion as to which side is up and once you get it as close as you can to the roots of the lashes and pull it all the way out to the tips you get longer looking lashes....honestly!
I thought it was great and would be amazing for those with shorter lashes that tend to clump with other bigger mascara wands. It does not add volume. At all. But it never said it did!
If you need extra length, this will do it. End of.

Bobbi Donates

This is this year's Breast Cancer Awareness product from Bobbi Brown; a lovely new shimmer brick. Available for the month of October, these are such popular little palettes for adding sheen and glimmer to the cheeks and the real beauty is that all the profits, less tax, are donated to the Cancer Centre at St Vincents Hospital in Dublin. Do you need another reason?

Monday, September 20, 2010

My Latest Article

No, unfortunately it's not in Harpers Bazaar (someday, I wish!) but it's about this makeup look on Karen Elson and how to achieve it. Check it out here and perhaps leave a comment below it if you have the time.... hope you like it!

**pssst...pass it on, the more that read it, the more they will ask me to write...thanks!**

Pink & Grey

Just lovely together...

(images via erin ever after )

Today, I Like

This is from Derek Lam's Spring 2011 show and I love his take on the blue jeans and white shirt combo. His version is a silk white blouse which, although retro manages to look contemporary. The wide legged, high waisted jeans also look current.... it all comes around again doesn't it! (albeit several times)

Red stripes and perfect pink lips.... gorgeous.

(images via definitely golden )

So Sweet

I came across these shots and thought they were so cute. They tell the story of this little girl and her adventures with her doll in Paris...

Breakfast รก deux...

How cute is her nightie!

Love this!...

(v sorry but can't remember where I saw these)

Hello Monday

Happy Monday my lovelies. I am very sorry for the lack of posting and Friday Freebie on Friday.... I had an utterly crazy day with doing makeup for two weddings which involved running around the city like a lunatic! I then had to rush back to do makeup for my Dad who was being photographed for a newspaper covering his retirement from radio (he is one of the country's longest running and most respected broadcasters).
So, all in all, I didn't get to sit at my computer at all on Friday and I am only just re-emerging from a pretty intense weekend of family and friends and partying which was wonderful but so emotional and very tiring!

I hope you had a good time this weekend...

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Three Looks To Love

I want each and every piece in these images!

I'm aware how greedy that sounds, but aren't they just so elegant and chic? And perfect for Autumn running around...

These have all jumped to the top of my wishlist!

(from here )


I love this. This Dr Hauschka cab is ferrying people around London for the duration of Fashion Week. The driver is trained in the products and can give you skincare advice as you travel. You also get free samples of the cult rose day care cream and a discount on 15% on products with when you present your taxi receipt in the Notting Hill store.

Now there's one can I wanna hail!
(clever marketing people!)

Wow Wedding Dress

Feast your eyes on this! It's from Vera Wang for 2011. Isn't it amazing...such a work of art. Look at the detail among the tulle.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Bottled Miracle?

This is Lancome's latest offering to the foundation ranks; Teint Miracle, and it sure promises a lot. It is based on how the skin reacts to light and it gives an aura effect to the skin, an almost 'lit from within' glow.
The light reflective particles in this foundation are five times smaller than typical mother of pearl particles normally used in illuminating foundations and so the skin looks truely luminous not shiny. It has 10 times less fillers normally used in foundations and 40% of it is water. There is also rose extract to hydrate and soothe.
So far, so great....on paper. Does it do the job though? I tried some on the other day and I did like it a lot, it glides on to the skin very smoothly but I found the texture to be heavier than I anticipated. It is definitely a medium weight foundation and I personally prefer a lighter coverage, but that is just me. I think that this foundation will be loved by many who like a bit of coverage and also a glow. A lot of products with a decent coverage have been quite matte and false looking, so this will be a welcome change. It will also be a star product for more mature skins needing hydration and increased glow.

So is it a miracle worker? Perhaps...

Zara Goodies

Zara now have an online! This doesn't help in matters of self control and frugality.
I really like the trousers above; lovely high waist and the perfect crop...very Isabel Marant.

I did actually buy this dress the other day and I'm thrilled with it. It's pretty short but great fabric and it feels lovely on. I also love the detail on the shoulder and the cropped sleeve.

As it's gettting colder I wore it to the Prudence awards with black opaques which help to preserve one's dignity! I'll experiment with some grey and burgundy opaques throughout the winter.
What do you think?

70's Vibe For Marc Jacobs

Ok so I'm jumping the gun a tad...right into next Spring in fact, but I just had to give you the beauty scoop on Marc Jacobs ready to wear 2011 collection that showed this week in New York. It was an extravaganza of seventies colours, shapes and textures and the beauty was reflective of that.

Francois Nars was the makeup maestro on hand to paint faces and he bleached out the brows, smoked up the eyes with a deep, forest green mixed with black and lot's of vaseline for a shiny, slightly messy look. The lips were red but pressed on to the lip with fingers rather than with a brush so the effect is transparent and a bit worn looking.

Hair was HUGE and crimped. Are we heading back to the seventies? What with the high waisted trousers we'll be wearing this winter and the luxe camel vibe.... I think so....

(images from here )
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