Wednesday, March 30, 2011

To Rotate or Not Rotate

Right, I hate gimicks in makeup. They really irritate me. I frequently suspect that the particular company is compensating for a rubbish product by packaging them up fancily and adding some such trick as a rotating motor.
So when I was given the Volume Fast & Perfect mascara from Bourjois to try I was cynical to say the least! Now I'm not generally a cynical person, but having been a makeup artist for 17 years now, it's fair to say that I've seen a lot of new ideas and notions come to the market with the idea of making them stand out from the crowd. I am a fan of the classic application techniques...they're classics 'cos they work right?! So I would tend to sit on the side of the fence called 'don't mess with the rules'.
Anyway I tried it. What did I think? I bloody loved it!
Once I got over the (slight) irritation from my 'gimick radar' I persevered and figured out how best to use it. The brush has three settings; both directions and still. I found that if you have it rotating away from your lashes,  hold the brush at the roots and look down towards the ground as you sweep the brush to the ends of the hairs, you will get a fantastic covering of mascara. Evenly. And on every single lash!
Best not to rotate the brush on the lower lashes as it can get a bit messy. I curl my lashes beforehand and am completely happy with this is a great, deep black. It is fine for my sensitive eyes and easy enough to remove. Being from the Bourjois stable, it's a great price as always.

My cynical self is eating humble pie.

Lulu is 2

 So my little girl turned two on Monday...

Here she is having a birthday bubble extravaganza with my brother, her uncle John.

I love this picture of her. To me it sums up her beautiful enthusiasm for everything. Arms outstretched to life and all that it contains...

 She makes me happy everyday, her playfulness, sweetness and pure comedic genius (in a baby way) never fails to have me crying tears of laughter and joy...

I can't believe she is two now. It feels like such a short time yet also the longest time. She is only new but I can't remember life without her...

So Happy Birthday my beautiful girl...

I love you...

Ballet Baby

I just love this clip!
She looks like how I think Lu will look in ballet class...

Friday, March 25, 2011

Nail Colour of the Week

Fast and Fuchsia by Rimmel is my current fave for my nails. I love it's brightness and I find it suits my pale skin better than the coral tones which I also love but will leave till the Summer when I have more of a glow.
As you can see, it's one of the wonderful 60 seconds range which is totally necessary when you are mother to an almost two-year old and time to allow nails to dry whilst flicking through Vogue is a luxury from days gone by!

Queen of the Bobs

She rocks it like no other!

Bright White

Nothing beats the serenity of white interiors...

A white table setting and fresh flowers in clear glass is perfection to me...

 Gorgeous frame wall...

I love the big mirror, the light fittings and the pots on the floor...

Nice way to display books...

 Check out the tiles on the wall and the wood table...

 I want this room..badly!

Beautiful bedroom...

(pics from decorology )

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Now this is a dinner party I wish I was at!

Of late I have been trawling through some beautiful styling sites to gain inspiration for The Dalkey Food Company. I am excited to be the resident stylist for events we cater...

There is nothing I don't like about this tablescape...

And this food? right up my street!

Mouth watering yet?!

(seen on Rue magazine )

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bite The Bullet with Ellis Faas

I have been looking forward to trying out these products for ages. So when a parcel arrived containing a fine selection of silver bullets for me to try I came over a little giddy!
Now, for those not in the know, Ellis Faas is a renowned Dutch makeup artist and this is her vision...

All of the products in the line are liquid and are encased in these pen applicators in the style of sliver bullets. The container is like the barrel of a gun that the bullets sit into, saving on mess and disorganisation. So far, so novel I hear you say, but do the products impress? Yes, I'm happy to report that they do!
I am a huge fan of working with liquid textures; I love to get my fingers on a face and blend the pigments away to perfectly sheer edges. All of these products come with either a brush or sponge applicator attached, cutting down the need for surplus brushes. That said, you will need to blend, so fingers or cotton buds are needed. I would also use a brush to apply the powder (that sits neatly at the base of the container) as I hate powder sponges as they apply it too heavily for my taste.

I am a hugely smitten kitten with the Skin Veil foundation which comes with two vials of product that you slot into the case and pump to get going. The texture of this base is beautiful; really light and glowy yet with some coverage. To me, it's like MAC's Face & Body in a pen. I used shade S101 which is a perfect match for my pale skin.
I also love the concealer - it is lightweight but never fear, it can cover and performs well on under-eye darkness without caking as well as on blemishes. Shade-wise, S201 is a fantastically natural tone for pale skins with no residual yellow.
Another highlight of the range for me and one that has quickly made it's way into my professional kit is the Ellis Eyes - Light, which is the eye shadow pen. Called Light I presume, for it's shimmer content, it is an amazingly pigmented product with excellent pay off; once it's on, it doesn't budge at all. Superb for brides or those pulling an all-nighter! I love the deep bronze tone, E303. In fact, I don't just love - I adore!
Ellis has also created 3 different formulas of lip colours in 27 shades. Milky, Creamy and Glazed finishes cover all the bases for a gorgeous lip and her now-famous 'Ellis Red' is deemed the red for everyone as it is the actual colour of blood! Ellis is very conscious of skin tones and their underlying shades and she came to the conclusion that the one shade we all have in common is the colour of blood, so therefore it must suit everyone.

Novel eh? But bang on the money.

Ellis Faas is currently only available within Ireland in the fabulous Mise Beauty (they sell it online too - go, go, go!)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Day of Silence

My dears, I won't be posting until Monday as I am supporting this Bloggers Day of Silence taking place this Friday. The idea is that we can cut down the chatter and focus on helping the people of Japan. Even if you can't donate here or here send your good vibes and wishes for them as they cope with their shocking circumstances.

Take the time to hug your friends and family too... remember how precious they are to you.

Thank you.


Kiss Me I'm Irish!

Now this is how to do a chic St. Patrick's Day outfit. It encompasses all the traditional elements of our national colours - the green trousers, white top and orange toned shoes yet is cool and elegant. I love the simplicity of the tight bun...

...but seeing as there is nothing chic about the St Patrick's Day festivities (at all) one would have to add this shamrock hat!

Now I'm off to unashamedly join the of the mornin' to ya!

Pink It Up!

It's the fresh tone for Spring that does wonders for your skintone and soul!

I love neon pink lips. Best worn with neutrals for ultimate chic...

Soft blushes and delicate rose tones... prettiness personified

Rockin' pink suit!

Fluoro pink clutch with
Get your pink on!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Nail Saviour

I've been nail nibbling a bit lately...aah stress and tension, you are my nail's enemy! I've always bitten when feeling a bit stretched but I have found a secret weapon to help with matters. This Ultra Rich Cuticle Cream really softens my dry and jagged cuticles and I can see an improvement in the nail texture too after using it for just two weeks. The extra bonus is that it smells gorgeous and as I can smell it when I attempt to nibble - it makes me aware of what I'm almost doing - so I don't. Result!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I Heart This...

My life needs this neon pink chair!
Now what can I paint...

(spotted over on erin ever after)

Pretty Bridal

I spotted this wedding dress by Saja over in the Once Wed online boutique...

I love the flowing romantic dreaminess yet still so simple...

Speaking of weddings, I am delighted to announce my new guest blogging spot over on the gorgeous new site, Fly Away Bride! I'll be posting twice a month, so for more wedding loveliness - hop on over!

The Glamourai

I'm really into Kelly Framel's style. Her blog, The Glamourai, is a treasure trove of outfit ideas. I really like this jacket with a pop of neon sequins! Isn't it great with the blush shirt and rust trousers?

P.S. all the comments on last Friday's Freebie were fantastic - so lovely to see your compassion and empathy for Japan. The winner of the Avon bracelet is Veronica.

Friday, March 11, 2011

The Friday Freebie

As I'm writing this I am keeping one eye on the TV and the horrendous devastation that is unfolding in Japan. It is so unbelievably awful, I can barely take it in. God bless them all.

So, I'm not going to blog about beauty today as my heart's not in it but I do want to show you this Empowerment bracelet by Avon. So far their series of empowerment jewellery has raised a staggering $18 million for domestic violence charities worldwide. The lovely blue and silver charm bracelet features the infinity symbol which represents a future of infinite possibility for women and all the sales from the bracelet go to Women's Aid.

Avon believe quite rightly that 'if you empower women, you can change the world' so leave me a comment below to be in the draw to win one today and let's get that empowerment rolling...

(and please hold the people of Japan and others affected by the quake in your heart today and for all their tomorrows, whatever they may hold)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Lipstick Of The Week

I'm a big fan of Zooey Deschanel. Her particular brand of quirky is very appealing to me. Did you ever see the music video of her for 500 Days of Summer? It's so sweet, take a look here.
Anyway, she has recently become one of Rimmel's ambassadors, (isn't it funny how they all connect with a brand in the end)) But never mind that, here she is wearing my favourite lipstick of the week - Rimmel's Heartbreaker.

It's a deep, cool fuchsia and it freshens up the skin so nicely. Wear it with barely there eye makeup for contemporary cool. Warning: if you load on the eye shadow with this it will look wrong. I'll be wearing it tonight when I go to meet Jade Jagger at a launch... exciting! Stories tomorrow!

Heads Up

How pretty and quirky are these head pieces by Bando! Now, I know that satin hair bows are a bit 'Sarah Ferguson' for us who remember their arrival in the 80's but for some reason I think they are cute now!

Pretty band...

I admit that it could be the gorgeous pink lipstick and minimal eye makeup that's catching my eye (my preferred look for the Spring!) but the bow is cute and the messy bun is divine!

Too Cool For School

These cool shots are taken from the 50 Most Stylish New Yorkers shoot over on StyleCaster. I love the diversity of their personal looks. They are all from the music/fashion, retail/beauty scenes in NYC - that global hotbed of all that is unique and forward thinking.

Kelly Framel - Fashion Blogger

Olivia Palermo - Model, actress, designer

Veronica Gledhill - Design Associate, Vogue.

Leigh Lezark - DJ
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