Thursday, June 30, 2011


Sweet dress for a little kitty lover! 

To The Maxi

I love these maxi skirts. So swishy and cool...

Olivia Palermo never gets it wrong does she!

(images seen on pinterest)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sparkle & Shine

My metallic crush continues unabated over here at Ellie Loves Towers! How pretty is this sequinned crepe t-shirt by Vince at Net-A-Porter? It would be so gorgeous with white skinny jeans for day or black capri pants by night....

...and you would have to finish off the look with these Minx nail films on your toes. Aren't they just fabulous!

A Safe Tan?

Here's another little tub of wonder from St Tropez. This is the SPF 30 High Protection for face with tan enhancer! So we all know that 30 is the minimum we should be wearing these days but sometimes we don't (myself included). But in last weeks semi heatwave, I took this down from the shelf and liberally applied it all over my face, neck and chest. I was outdoors for most of the day and of course I didn't burn as the SPF level was superb but the really interesting thing was that I got a little bit tanned! This is more or less unheard of  for me so I put it down to the magic tan enhancer they are calling 'Melanobronze' (love the name!) that claims to increase your melanin production. It also contains vitamin E and raspberry seed oils to nourish your skin, so it's a win/win product....moisture with protection and a hint of real tan, what's not to love!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Peach Perfect

Benefit Cha Cha Tint is here in all it's peachy loveliness! I am a huge fan of peach tones for cheeks and lips, they brighten the complexion so well and look pretty on everyone. Cha Cha Tint looks very orangey when you first look but once you blend it on well (and quickly) you will get a lovely soft result. I prefer not to dot the colour on to the skin with the applicator, instead I put it on the back of my hand and blend over the cheek using a foundation brush. I think it's vital to keep this shade to the apple of the cheeks for a pretty flush. Applying it up the cheekbones will look too much. Add a little to the lips too for a complementary colour pop. It is a really pretty and useful shade...try it out!

Chanel Nail It

Feast your eyes my are the Autumn/Winter '11 nail colours from Chanel. From left to right they are Graphite, Peridot and Quartz. I haven't tried them yet but judging by swatches I've seen they look like a little bit of metallic heaven. Peridot in particular seems very interesting, with it's greeny, gold shimmer. My nails are beside themselves with excitement!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Summer In The City

How do you look cool and chic in sweltering city heat? 
These ladies have it nailed in my opinion... great skirts, tops in soft, light fabrics, a good bag and killer shoes.
Don't they look great!

Heavy Metal

You make beautiful dresses.
One day I hope to own one so I can sparkle and shimmer,
and sheen and shine,
and glitter and glimmer..
(you get my drift!)

Just Good Hair

I love the soft old-fashioned look to this style. You never see ribbons in adults hair! Why not?

Just a gorgeous knot...

I have a real thing for 60's tousled sexy.

I like these low key plaits in either Mary Kate or Ashley's hair...can never tell those Olsen twins apart!

An undone bun...Heaven in a hairdo!

(all spotted on Pinterest...follow me there )

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Fathers Day

It's Fathers Day today and it's got me thinking all about family...
I love this sign. It reminds of my original fab four; Mum, Dad, John and me...
Happy Fathers Day to all your Dads and husbands, partners, brothers and sons...
Especially to mine!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Anna's Abbey Road

I just like this picture of Anna Wintour crossing 6th avenue in New York. It's her own Abbey Road!

Speaking of Abbey Road, check out this live web cam of the actual Abbey Road pedestrian crossing which was set up to show people doing their own version of the epic crossing by The Beatles!  If you watch long enough you may even see the inevitable bride and groom shot which takes place there nearly everyday apparently!

Summer With Bobbi

Here is Bobbi Brown's Summer look. The Tortoiseshell collection is based around warm sandy tones mixed with metallic bronze shades. Very wearable, very lovely.  No, they don't set the makeup world alight with ingenuity and raw modernity, but they are great to wear and suit everyone. A no-brainer collection that you know will make you look good. Don't question it, just try it on! (I love the model's tortoiseshell glasses by Oliver Peoples too!)

Bobbi's very chic little brush set...

The two new lip shades to complement the collection...

This is the Bronze palette, you have the choice of a slightly paler one called Sand too...
It's on counters in July and worth a look.

Kate's New Clutch

Have you seen this new Kate Spade clutch bag? 
Lovely. Just lovely.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Books & Records

Music and books make for a happy interiors mix for me! I think they should be displayed with as much emphasis as your art choices for the walls. I adore these two pictures. The one above reminds me of my Dad's epic vinyl collection that he has acquired through his 40+ years as a radio broadcaster. What a sweet family photo idea (one that I may indeed copy!)

Books, books everywhere! Such a great way to use a wall! I really like how they are featured in this dining room. I'm also loving the mis-matched chairs at the table...

(via decorolgy )

Dress Crush

I'm going to my first same sex wedding next week (exciting!) and I'm looking for a dress that will be suitably glam yet ok for the day to night transition. Isn't it tricky to dress for a wedding sometimes? This little beauty has caught my eye, I love the watercolour effect and the leather belt.  And the large blue ring is super cool too..

(spotted over on Erin Ever After )

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Chairs of Blue and Yellow

I'm a huge fan of single mis-matched chairs in a vibrant colour or striking pattern. Love the design of this fabric.

This is the Madeline chair from Urban Outfitters, I think the muted turquoise is lovely...

Sunny lemon! Wouldn't this make a room so cheery...

I just want to sit on this chair and gaze out the window!

(pics from pinterest )

Monday, June 13, 2011

Super Powder

This powder has super powers (sorry, couldn't resist!) But seriously, it does. The High Definition Powder from Makeup Forever makes up part of their very well thought out HD range. Tested in front of high definition TV and film cameras to ensure it's invisibility, it mattifies as well as adding a flattering effect to the skin that is hard to find in powders. Made of 100% silica it is different to other products in that it's soft and satiny and very fine. One shade suits all skin tones. I am usually dubious about this claim as I think that white powders can make the skin tone paler but not in this instance; it is so fine that it doesn't leave any colour residue behind. The other feature of silica is that it reflects light, both natural and artificial, so this is great for  makeup artists as their work looks great but it's also very good news for regular makeup fans as it is totally lightweight and so flattering to wear.

See? It's a super powder with super powers.
(sorry again!)

Summer Time

I think I'm craving sunshine (know the feeling fellow Irish peeps?), So I'm very drawn to this cheery, sunshiney watch that would add a great citrus pop to any outfit.

Excellent Espadrilles

Unless you've been hiding under a rock this season (and if you have, that's fine, it's entirely up to you) you will have noticed that the Espadrille is officially The Shoe of the Summer. Now, obviously they've been around for what feels like milennia, but they are having more of a moment this year. I don't normally love wedges, but an espadrille/wedge hybrid is pleasing me I must admit! I particularly like this black suede pair with the delicate ankle strap. How elegant they would be under a pretty sun dress and denim jacket...

I also like this grey pair...

Aren't these ones pretty! Although they look super high so even though wedges are generally easier to walk in, I'm not so sure about these..

I think the leg lengthening effects of this nude pair would be nothing short of  stupendous!

This three -tone pair are very cool. Gorgeous with a tan leather bag to match...

(all spotted on footnotes )

Friday, June 10, 2011

Guess Who's Back...

Yep! Stila's back! I have to admit to letting out a little whoop when I found out last night that the brand is making it's way to Boots stores in July.  I don't yet have confirmation  as to whether or not it will be stocked in Ireland but will let you know as soon as I do...

Nevertheless we can celebrate the return of their wonderful products that will surely be available to mail order. My top four products from the line are the gorgeous lip glazes. I love their sheer, juicy finish...a bit sticky but they look great and last a really long time on the lip which is rare for glosses.

The Illuminating Liquid foundation is one of my favourite bases of all time. It is lightweight, glowy without being oily and extremely flattering for all ages. I stockpiled tons of it for my kit before the brand left Ireland and I'm just about to run out so hence my delight at being able to get my hands on it again relatively easily.

The Convertible Cheek Colour. The best cream blush I've ever used. Fact.

Kitten eyeshadow... a sheeny flesh tone that brightens up all eye colours like you wouldn't believe. A great multi-tasker, it can be used to highlight the brow and cheekbones to great effect. This shade is a true superstar but in fact all their eyeshadows are superb, I think I own every one.

Welcome back were missed!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Ne'er a Truer Word Spoke...

So many creative people suffer with self-doubt (I know I certainly do) is the curse of the artist.
Do yourselves a favour...take these words to heart.
They are true.

Birthday Lovelies

It's my birthday today! So far I have been treated with a sleep in (divine!) breakfast in bed with Lu (messy!) and some presents (very lovely!)
I have been admiring this sterling silver bracelet with neon cord by Monica Vinader for a while and now it is adorning my wrist! I love the pop of yellow so much, I think I will be wearing it daily all Summer long!

I also received a bottle of my very favourite fragrance, Philosykos by French perfumier, Diptyque. I am addicted to it's unique fresh fig smell and am sitting here in a cloud of it as I type!
Lulu gave me a photo collage of pictures of her from birth right up to now. I adore this one of her that we took last night. She hasn't taken this cowboy hat off in days...

Thank you my boy and my girl for my lovely birthday gifts and for just being you...

Goldie Toes

 I'm swooning over these soft leather gold pumps from Chloe...

Love the scalloped edges...

The perfect Summer flat methinks...
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