Friday, July 29, 2011

Vichy Normaderm - An Anti Age & Anti Spot Hero

One of the great injustices in life is the arrival of spots beyond our teens. I broke out in horrific acne just before my 30th birthday and it took a long trial of many different products and treatments to make it disappear. I was told it was due to stress or crazy hormones acting up because I hadn't had a baby yet! I was a bit peeved at that theory - can my skin really be annoyed I hadn't joined the baby making forces? I'm not sure but it is one of those infuriating concepts that are bantered around that only add to the stress of actually having acne I ultimately found out that my skin needed glycolic acid treatments to improve but they were costly and a bit irritating. The other concern for skins in the plus 30 bracket (me!) is anti-aging. I haven't really found many mass market products that address the two issues; increasing lines, open pores and changing texture as well occasional breakouts.
So I was intrigued to try this product from the Vichy range, Normaderm Anti-Age does indeed address all the concerns I mentioned. It contains glycolic acid to act deep into the epidermis to stimulate skin renewal, LHA (Lipo-hydroxy-acid) which acts on the upper layers of skin to gently exfoliate. Remember that scrub exfoliators are an enemy to a skin that is broken out. Vitamin C is included to brighten and help with the production of collagen which is what we begin to lack as we age. Ever wonder why a babies skin is so amazing? They have tons of collagen!
Vichy claim that after 4 weeks people have seen purified skin, less blackheads, smoother texture and reduced wrinkles. Seeing as Vichy generally know what they are talking about, I've taken the challenge. I've just finished week two and the mini pregnancy breakout I had is almost gone and my skin does feel very smooth and clear. I love that it is oil free but my skin does feel moisturised enough... so many products for breakout prone types leave your skin feeling like the Sahara. Not so here.

It will be available from pharmacies in September at €17.50 which is a great price for a product of this calibre.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Style Crush

Olivia Palermo, you never put a foot wrong in the style stakes. That is the reason you are my style crush for today.

Stripey Cakes?

 I love these. Wouldn't they make fab wedding cakes!

(via Pinterest)

Cool Tattoos

I like long as they are cool and relatively subtle. This wave one is sweet..

Three birds on the arm. Beats the three birds on a wall any day!

I like elegant script...

I like the positioning of this little flock...

More cool script..
What do you think? Like tattoos?

(pics via Max Wanger on Pinterest)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Rest Well Amy

I saw these pictures of Amy Winehouse by Hedi Slimane that were released after she died so tragically on Saturday last...

I love how they showcase her unique look, the hair, the eyeliner, the tatoos. She was an icon whose look transferred into the fashion world with ease.

But I also love how these shots seem to capture her fragility...she looks almost vulnerable and dare I say, peaceful.

In reality we know she wasn't peaceful. At all. She was the lost soul with the soul sound. She will be missed, and her feisty, messy tragedy will live on through her music which is playing all around the world these days as we remember her. In her final frame, her voice echoes as she plays herself out...

May you rest in peace dear Amy.


I know that the greige polishes may seem a little last year but actually I think they are a new classic and will be around for a long time. They suit all skin tones, looking slightly different on everyone from pale to olive tones. Nail guru, Leighton Denny's Supermodel is a great example of these great neutrals....And it's free with Harpers Bazaar this month!  You may have to root through the mags on the shelf as there is also a red being given away too (it's nice, but Supermodel is the clear winner!) A great magazine with a great nail polish... make some tea, paint it on and sit back and read.....aaahh.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Falling For J Crew Fall Collection

It's no secret - I love J Crew! I love their colour palettes, their classic styles that are mixed through with a dash of quirky and I particularly love how the looks are styled. I have quite the fascination with their commander in chic, Jenna Lyons. She is responsible for the styling of the entire brand and she really makes waves each season with how she blends all-American clothes with a cool European edge. (check out her amazing house here)

Stripes, tweed and messy hair...

I'm not sure how this shade would suit us pale people but I love it anyway. Cute socks and loafers too don't you think?

Super coat, great bag and how I love those trousers... 

Maybe it's because I'm pregnant and I keep thinking how well my bump would fit into this cape but the cool stone shade is so good with denim. And as for those orange heels....perfect!

Camel and Magenta. Who would have known how good these shades are together?! I'm in full support of strong pops of colour with neutrals...and these shades are a welcome change from the now ubiquitous red and green skinnies...

A timeless look that is a little reminiscent of the nineties with the shrunken styled jumper over a shirt and wide trousers. The colours are what bring this look bang up to date. Pop of yellow anyone? Yes please...

Love the mac and legging combo...

Isn't this an interesting trouser shape! 
If I had to dress from one store and one store only for the rest of my life it would be J Crew.
Available  from Net-A-Porter for us European fans...

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Making Eyes at Chanel

I have five important words for you...Chanel Long Wear Luminous Eyeshadow. Take note my lovelies because these are truly great products that are well worth a try. They are a cream powder shadow but they are more than the sum of their parts;  Not just creamy, not just powdery - they feel springy and almost spongey, light as a feather and easy to work with. They can be applied in a film as sheer or as dense as you're in control of how intense the look can be. They come with one of the best applicators I've seen with a product (a little slanted brush, like a brow brush) but I prefer to smooth them over the lid with a finger and then blend out the edges using the brush only to apply it under the lower lashes. You need to work quickly with your blending as they do begin to set. They can be layered for added colour or blended out a lot for a sheer, slightly glittery veil. I have two shades, this one is Illusoire...a soft mauvey, plum with grey and silver undertones. It is superb on green and blue eyes.

This is my favourite shade of the bunch, Epatant. As you can see it is a metallic, greyish pewter tone with underlying silver. I've been wearing this daily for the past week in a thin film and I love it's subtle sparkle.
 One of the real beauties of this product is that they do last. Now, I have to say that they fade slightly over an entire day when applied thinly but when put in place with a heavier hand for more drama they don't budge. And they don't dry. They don't crack. They don't irritate sensitive eyes. They perform!
So my verdict on these new jewels for the eyes is that although a bit pricey, they will make a great investment into your Autumn/Winter makeup kit. There are six shades and they will retail at €28. Available from mid-August.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Five Dresses to Die For

From Jenni Kayne's resort 2012 collection...I just love the hemline.

Mustard and grey and gorgeous from Baubauhaus

Anthropologie do it right...again.

Stripey dress from Zara, spotted on Pinterest

Emerald fabulous from Jenni Kayne

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Now That's Good Hair

What a mane! Hasn't she got beautiful hair? Very Gisele-like...long, lustrous and lovely.
I'm kinda missing my longer hair at the moment, I love my bob but I miss the length sometimes and want to  throw it all back in a messy bun... 

(pics seen on Into The Gloss)

Friday, July 15, 2011

In Other News...

Yes, I'm pregnant again! I am almost five months along and feeling great. My posting on Ellie Loves has been a little light in the past few months as I have been struggling with utter exhaustion and some pretty miserable morning sickness in the first three months. But all that has passed and thankfully I am in The Good Bit. I have energy, I have a bump (not the one above - will share pics soon I promise) and I am excited about it.
God knows how I will manage with two kids but everyone else seems to get along fine so why can't I, right?!
In truth, I am a little nervous of how I will manage to keep all the balls in the projects, Lu and all her amazing energy, my home life and dare I mention a social life from time to time. Oh and we also have to move house soon as this house, although lovely, is not big enough for a family of four.

 FAMILY OF FOUR!  How did I get here?

Anyone else fell like this sometimes; like you open up your eyes and truly wonder when it all changed. Of course I know it's been a gradual and nice slide into this domestic existence and I don't regret a single second but it's damn important to keep up with who you are, so I will be carrying on with blogging here, teaching my makeup courses, writing beauty articles and sometimes running off to hide under the pillow but keep visiting as I'll be documenting it all here.

 Wish me luck!

Lu doing her favourite thing - running through the forest (soon to be a big sister!)

Hand Cream for the Soul!

My hands are parched at the moment, I've no idea why but this hand cream is sorting it right out. It contains geranium, orange blossom, rose and bergamot oils so smells divine as well as being properly nourishing.  I like Tisserand a lot actually as they are totally free from synthetic fragrances and parabens...all those nasties that can build up and become toxins for our systems. All the essential oils are ethically harvested too, so it's good for the hands and good for the soul!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Sweet Selection...

These are just a selection of lovely images that might make you smile... they did for me... enjoy!

( all found on pinterest, credits are on my page there)

Low Key Lip

Today I am rocking my latest and greatest lip shade... The Joli Rouge in Grenadine by Clarins. It's a very moisturising soft, natural lip toned pink and I find it perfect for low-key makeup days, which this is! In fact, I am wearing no other makeup whatsoever but felt a little dead without some colour on my lips. It claims to be 'long-wearing' as so many do these days; it must be the makeup world's most overused buzz word, but in truth it lasts as long as any moisturising lippie... looks great until you eat and then you have to re-apply. Simples!

How Pretty!

Yes! The sun has got his hat one for another day and we're all in good spirits. Sunny days call for pretty dresses and my lust for today is this satin shirt dress from Preen...

I particularly like the red leather belt, taupe sleeves and uneven hemline...

Just lovely.

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