Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Luminosity In A Bottle

Can your skin be in love as well as your heart? Well mine is. I was sent this Vital Light Serum by Clarins to try a few weeks back and I feel I've waited enough time to ascertain it's effects on my skin. So without being overly effusive (I hope!) - it's bloody brilliant. I don't actually have a huge issue with dark spots, just a few larger than average freckles and a bit of pigment around my chin that I keep at bay with my SPF so I guess I can't really vouch for it's totally transformative powers in that department. But what it has done for me is make my skin look a lot brighter and plumper. Clarins say that it helps with 'deep luminosity' and you know what? I believe them! It contains the wonder ingredient Hyaluronic acid to help you skin produce collagen and Cangzhu extract which helps with cellular metabolism. So basically it plumps up and gets your skin turning around quicker so there is less time to look haggard as it is repairing itself all the time. Bear in mind that this is aimed at people in their mid-late thirties plus, so all you fresh faced readers can skip this one for now (or take notes and buy it for your Mum for Christmas!)
It's a pricey serum at almost €70 but a little goes a long way, I'm expecting mine to last months.

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