Monday, September 12, 2011

{Makeup Monday} Smashbox Primer

Do you ever find that sometimes your skin fluctuates and becomes a bit de-hydrated due to environmental factors? Or just being a bit lax on downing those 2 vital litres of water? Mine certainly does and I find it frustrating as it makes my foundation look more matte and patchy as my skin tries to take extra moisture from the oil content in my foundation.
Well, help is at hand from those experts in primers - Smashbox. Seriously, they take priming to a whole new level with something like eight in their arsenal at this stage. For the record, I rate the original one and the new luminizing one very highly too but this is the hydrating primer and it is very, very good indeed.
It adds a touch more moisture and slip to the skin without adding a layer of oil, so foundations glide on well and I have found it very useful both on myself and on clients with dry/combination skin. It is great under a semi-matte foundation too as it makes it a bit more dewy but not so much as to slide off. 
This hydrating primer is definitely the best way to give a moisture hit to the skin that leaves your base looking right. Adding more layers of your moisturiser to ramp up hydration levels is never good for makeup application; it's a one way ticket to Shinesville!


Rosemary said...

Well I have a question! How much primer is the right amount of primer? I use it sometimes, but inevitably end up feeling as if my face is coated in something quite unpleasant, and I never know should I rub it in, or just rub it ON, if you get me... help!

Ellie Balfe said...

Hey Rosemary,

Use a miniscule amount - they spread a long way on the face so don't use it as you would a moisturiser. Imagine that you are just laying 'on' a really thin layer of it - you are not looking for your skin to absorb it, just to deal with the surface layer and smooth it out.
Roughly an amount the size of your small finger nail (as long as it's fairly short!) will do. Some primers are very heavy in silicone which makes your skin feel a bit odd - that's why I like this one as it doesn't feel like that at all.


Angela said...

Thanks for sharing, I keep meaning to buy a primer, this one looks like a good choice! x

Anabelle said...

Hello Ellie,

I've got to try this product!
I fell upon your blog when looking for inspiration on yellow cushions :)
I love your selections. Very inspiring.

You're welcome to visit me here:

Have a great day!

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