Thursday, February 16, 2012

Dress Delights

Yep, I hate the standard wedding dress. Sounds a little harsh I know, but the older I get, the more drawn I am to the low-key, low-styled wedding. Why wear a 'bridal' dress at all, when there are lots of other options out there? Just a thought!

I love this dress by Serbian designer Mihano Momosa. (don't love the shoes or the makeup though!)

I think this is a version of the 'Pippa' but in a more figure hugging jersey material. I like the relaxed vibe to the hair and jewellery. Not too wedding-y!

What do you think? Would you go low key?


siberja said...

I would definitely go low-key!
If I ever get marry I'd like a nice and informal little party with family and close friends.
I like the second and the third dresses, even if I don't have the right figure to wear them! :-)

Emma C said...

Really like this post, I would definately lean towards this style dress rather than a fancier wedding style. x

Anonymous said...

Totally agree!!
Have you seen Marta Ortega's dress last weekend?
Her father is the most rich man in Spain (he owns Zara), so she could have the dress she wanted. She chose a simple design by Narciso Rodríguez. Stunning!
Congrats for your blog from Spain!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Please tell me where that last dress is in love and although my body isn't quite as modelicious I would like to try something like this for my BIG DAY!! Anna

Ellie Balfe said...

Anna - I'm sorry I don't know where the last dress is from...I'll try to find out x

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