Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Hey Blondie

Yes, I'm a brunette, but I've always had a thing for blondes! I imagine it is, in truth, more fun to be a blonde - in a hair sense anyway because you can endlessly tweak it. And tweak it. And tweak it... (my one tone black leaves a lot less room for change). I love the idea that you can change your tone seasonally or be more trend focussed and adapt yourself according to what struts down the runways.

Fun it may be, but of course you have to be able to get it right. A hair colour disaster is not at all desirable. I have a dear friend who loves to experiment with home colours and she has had lots of hits but definitely a few misses so what's important when it comes to choosing a home colour for blondes? (or indeed a salon one)

Well, I think you must look at your skin tone first. If you choose the wrong shade you will see that it doesn't make the most of your natural tone. It must complement or go! I love cool, ashy blondes for a high fashion look. It can be played up to great effect with dark smoky eyes or nude eyes and a blood red lip...but it works best on a slightly more sallow skin I think. Conversely, those paler skin tones can rock the ice queen look and go for platinum shades like the one above.

The most popular tones are the warmer, honey, gold tones as they look pretty and beachy and they are ultimately more wearable. They don't make a strong statement, they just work! I love the look of multi-tone hair which is harder to achieve yourself but if you feel creative and capable, you can get busy with some different shades and do a DIY Ombre effect with a darker blonde at the roots and paler tips. Go easy though... disasters are always lurking in the wings!

So here's to all the blondes, be they warm toned honeys, cool Nordic ice queens or platinum princesses.
Have fun with your hair, this brunette is slightly envious!
Have a look at this video from's a good roadmap on how to choose what products can help you find your best blonde.

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