Thursday, March 22, 2012

Skin Saviour - Weleda Skin Food

I have always used Weleda's Calendula range on the little ladies as I find it to be very gentle and sweet smelling without containing any harsh nasties. So I was curious to try this Skin Food when it popped in my letterbox. It was the first cream created by Weleda way back in 1926, so it's a vintage recipe but one that holds true to now. It is designed as a skin repair cream so is particularly soothing for stressed, overly dry, lack lustre skin. It contains sunflower seed oil, wild pansy, chamomile and calendula and it has a delicate small of lavender and sweet orange. It's a thick cream and therefore does need some warming up between the palms before application and patting it onto the skin rather than dragging it also works well.
It's not one for the ranks of anti-agers that we are all concerned with these days but it is a soothing, nourishing, natural treatment for skin that is below par. I am in that bracket at the moment so have been enjoying using it for the past few weeks and my skin is certainly looking more glowy. As is the brand's way, it contains absolutely no dodgy ingredients and it's also very reasonable at only €11.25 for 75ml.

Think of it as a comfort blanket for your skin!

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