Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Chanel Lightens Up

There's a new kid on the foundation block and it's name is Vitalumiere Aqua by Chanel. I've been quite excited to try it as I like everything it claims to do. Claims. There's a word that is important to take note of whilst considering products. They promise the sun, moon and stars for sure, but how do they fare on the face? Chanel say it's 'a new generation texture, an unprecedented sensory experience' Doesn't that sound nice!
Only time will tell.... So I have started testing this latest offering from Chanel's makeup maestro, Peter Philips. So far, I like it. The coverage it provides is fairly light, it claims to be like a second skin but in all honesty, we've heard this before from lot's of other companies, with some failing and some succeeding in bringing us this mythical glowy, baby-like complexion we all crave. Or are told we crave by the cosmetic houses. But the truth is, sometimes we crave decent pigment and good coverage for our not-so hot days when we want to hide. My initial sense is that Vitalumiere Aqua may be best on combination skins which mine isn't, so as I'm not fully sure that this foundation should join the ranks of my uber second-skin product, MAC Face & Body quite yet, I will wear it for a while longer and see how I get on.

I will report back to you like the willing makeup guinea pig that I am and in the meantime, this product is being widely sampled in all the glossy mags at the moment too, so why not try it for yourself and tell me how you get on...


R. said...

I absolutely love Chanel foundations!

Love the blog too :)

check out mine and if you like it please subscribe :

Dee said...

Hi Ellie

I recently bought this chanel foundation after my friends told me I was orange ;) I love it but the coverage is really only good during the day

This was my first chanel makeup purchase but definitely not my last, was wondering if you could recommend another chanel foundation with longer lasting/better coverage

Thanks a lot


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