Monday, January 31, 2011

A Perfect Pair

Today my lips are dressed in something new and something quite lovely. The Lipfinity Lip Tints by Max Factor are one of their new releases. The concept of a felt tip pen loaded with pigment is not new to the market but I dare say this one is one of the better ones I've tried. And I have tried a few as I think it's a novel idea but one that hasn't been executed very well previously. So with a 'here we go again' attitude I tried this over the weekend and I am quite delighted as a result. The concept is a simple one - draw in your lip shape with the tip of the pen and fill in with the flat side. The water based colour stains your lips and leaves a long lasting, matte finish behind. I love it. It genuninely works.... My favourite shade is 04 - a light berry tone.
Now, a word of warning; if you have anything on your lips beforehand such as balm or foundation (why?!) you need to be sure to take it off. The felt pen could clog and will become useless after a couple of tries. The lip tints need completely clean and dry lips to adhere to. I predict this will be a superstar product for brides who need colour all day, but can't be constantly running to the loo to touch up. At €9.99, they're a winner in my book.

Seeing as the Lip Tints leave the lips as dry as the Sahara and this can be fantastic for people who hate the feeling of anything on their lips, I personally like a bit of slip. So their new Sheer Gloss Balms are perfect to add a balmy, not glossy finish and a slight colour. These balms have an SPF10 and lot's of moisturising goodies so you can feel the benefit to your lips, particularly in this cold weather it's great to find something that looks good and is performing a duty for you at the same time.
I've been slathering on the number 02 (coral ) over my lip tint and it works like a dream.

These two products are soul mates; better together than apart.


Leslie said...

Sounds cool! :)

Anne said...

Nice! The Sheer Gloss looks like the Nars one expect half the price I suspect!

Ellie Balfe said...

Anne - you're so right. It is as lovely as NARS and only €8.99!!

fluff and fripperies said...

Hi Ellie, thanks for this, I have been keeping an eye out for these lip tints and wondering what they were like. Will definitely pick one up when I spot them!

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