Monday, June 13, 2011

Super Powder

This powder has super powers (sorry, couldn't resist!) But seriously, it does. The High Definition Powder from Makeup Forever makes up part of their very well thought out HD range. Tested in front of high definition TV and film cameras to ensure it's invisibility, it mattifies as well as adding a flattering effect to the skin that is hard to find in powders. Made of 100% silica it is different to other products in that it's soft and satiny and very fine. One shade suits all skin tones. I am usually dubious about this claim as I think that white powders can make the skin tone paler but not in this instance; it is so fine that it doesn't leave any colour residue behind. The other feature of silica is that it reflects light, both natural and artificial, so this is great for  makeup artists as their work looks great but it's also very good news for regular makeup fans as it is totally lightweight and so flattering to wear.

See? It's a super powder with super powers.
(sorry again!)


Aisling said...

If you're the biggest fan of this product, I HAVE to be the 2nd biggest. I love, love, LOVE it. It's a must-use for me now and I'm recommending it to everyone who asks.

Can't believe how amazing it sets my foundation and how flawless it makes my skin look. Not cakey/powdery looking at all. LOVE!

Alice said...

Wow, it sounds too good to be true!

Siun said...

Hey Ellie, what brush do you recommend using with this powder?I'm picking it up on your recommendation and want to use it in the best way. Thanks :)

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