Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Safe Tan?

Here's another little tub of wonder from St Tropez. This is the SPF 30 High Protection for face with tan enhancer! So we all know that 30 is the minimum we should be wearing these days but sometimes we don't (myself included). But in last weeks semi heatwave, I took this down from the shelf and liberally applied it all over my face, neck and chest. I was outdoors for most of the day and of course I didn't burn as the SPF level was superb but the really interesting thing was that I got a little bit tanned! This is more or less unheard of  for me so I put it down to the magic tan enhancer they are calling 'Melanobronze' (love the name!) that claims to increase your melanin production. It also contains vitamin E and raspberry seed oils to nourish your skin, so it's a win/win product....moisture with protection and a hint of real tan, what's not to love!

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