Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Masculine Minimalism

I've always been a fan of slightly mannish tailoring in women's clothes. I'm not sure whether it is the structure it gives to the body or just the elegant understatement that gets me, but get me it does. I also like the way this type of style acts as a blank canvas for beauty. In a way, the face can really become obvious as there are no extra details to distract the eye.

I love these two examples from Zara, particularly this midnight blue tuxedo jacket, tunic top and trouser combo. The slicked back hair is perfect with it, as is the low-key polished makeup.

This wool dress with zip detail at the waist from COS makes my heart sing! Pure elegance and at €135 it's a pure bargain too.

I think this look (also COS) is divine. This brand always shines for me and can be totally relied on to provide interesting design in great fabrics at fantastic prices. This wool blazer is only €135 and the trousers are €69. Don't they look so much more expensive!

Minimalism doesn't get much cooler than this and at €45 for the top and €79 for the trousers, you'd be kinda mad not to, right?

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Savannah said...

Love the second look!


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