Wednesday, March 30, 2011

To Rotate or Not Rotate

Right, I hate gimicks in makeup. They really irritate me. I frequently suspect that the particular company is compensating for a rubbish product by packaging them up fancily and adding some such trick as a rotating motor.
So when I was given the Volume Fast & Perfect mascara from Bourjois to try I was cynical to say the least! Now I'm not generally a cynical person, but having been a makeup artist for 17 years now, it's fair to say that I've seen a lot of new ideas and notions come to the market with the idea of making them stand out from the crowd. I am a fan of the classic application techniques...they're classics 'cos they work right?! So I would tend to sit on the side of the fence called 'don't mess with the rules'.
Anyway I tried it. What did I think? I bloody loved it!
Once I got over the (slight) irritation from my 'gimick radar' I persevered and figured out how best to use it. The brush has three settings; both directions and still. I found that if you have it rotating away from your lashes,  hold the brush at the roots and look down towards the ground as you sweep the brush to the ends of the hairs, you will get a fantastic covering of mascara. Evenly. And on every single lash!
Best not to rotate the brush on the lower lashes as it can get a bit messy. I curl my lashes beforehand and am completely happy with this is a great, deep black. It is fine for my sensitive eyes and easy enough to remove. Being from the Bourjois stable, it's a great price as always.

My cynical self is eating humble pie.


Anonymous said...

This set my gimmick radar off but if it meets your standards then maybe it's worth a shot! Still visualising myself sitting in the emergency room with a mascara wand stuck in my eyelashes though!

Steph xox said...

cannot wait to try this!! so many good reviews :D

DalaLuz said...

Thanks for the review! I thought it was just a senseless gimmick feature too, glad to hear I judged too soon.

A Certain Vintage said...

im the exact same about gimmicks but my mum had some motor mascara thingy from lancome and it did make my lashes look super long so this one is maybe worth a try!
great honest review, thanks!

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