Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bite The Bullet with Ellis Faas

I have been looking forward to trying out these products for ages. So when a parcel arrived containing a fine selection of silver bullets for me to try I came over a little giddy!
Now, for those not in the know, Ellis Faas is a renowned Dutch makeup artist and this is her vision...

All of the products in the line are liquid and are encased in these pen applicators in the style of sliver bullets. The container is like the barrel of a gun that the bullets sit into, saving on mess and disorganisation. So far, so novel I hear you say, but do the products impress? Yes, I'm happy to report that they do!
I am a huge fan of working with liquid textures; I love to get my fingers on a face and blend the pigments away to perfectly sheer edges. All of these products come with either a brush or sponge applicator attached, cutting down the need for surplus brushes. That said, you will need to blend, so fingers or cotton buds are needed. I would also use a brush to apply the powder (that sits neatly at the base of the container) as I hate powder sponges as they apply it too heavily for my taste.

I am a hugely smitten kitten with the Skin Veil foundation which comes with two vials of product that you slot into the case and pump to get going. The texture of this base is beautiful; really light and glowy yet with some coverage. To me, it's like MAC's Face & Body in a pen. I used shade S101 which is a perfect match for my pale skin.
I also love the concealer - it is lightweight but never fear, it can cover and performs well on under-eye darkness without caking as well as on blemishes. Shade-wise, S201 is a fantastically natural tone for pale skins with no residual yellow.
Another highlight of the range for me and one that has quickly made it's way into my professional kit is the Ellis Eyes - Light, which is the eye shadow pen. Called Light I presume, for it's shimmer content, it is an amazingly pigmented product with excellent pay off; once it's on, it doesn't budge at all. Superb for brides or those pulling an all-nighter! I love the deep bronze tone, E303. In fact, I don't just love - I adore!
Ellis has also created 3 different formulas of lip colours in 27 shades. Milky, Creamy and Glazed finishes cover all the bases for a gorgeous lip and her now-famous 'Ellis Red' is deemed the red for everyone as it is the actual colour of blood! Ellis is very conscious of skin tones and their underlying shades and she came to the conclusion that the one shade we all have in common is the colour of blood, so therefore it must suit everyone.

Novel eh? But bang on the money.

Ellis Faas is currently only available within Ireland in the fabulous Mise Beauty (they sell it online too - go, go, go!)


DalaLuz said...

It sure looks fab and it sounds so good! But I wonder, how would you clean the build-in applicators?

Ellie Balfe said...

Hi DalaLuz,
I spray surgical spirit on to a tissue and wipe the brushes in it. That removes product residue and also sterilses it.

Siún said...

I am now a convert!

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