Monday, March 7, 2011

Peony & Python

It's Springtime at Bobbi Brown and she sees us all wearing lovely lavenders and soft greys with rosy glossy lips. The Peony & Python collection is very pretty indeed and it's shades are all ones that I love to wear. Bobbi designed the compact with US designers tibi (lovely stuff- check 'em out) and it is named after her favourite flower, the peony.
The eye shadows range from the pale grey called Opal (top left to right) to lavender and cool ivory for the base tones. Cobra, Plum Orchid and Eclipse make up the darker, more dense colours on the bottom. I have found the base tones to be quite sheer so you need to layer them up to get a good pay off, but I don't mean that as a negative - I like a soft, almost transparent wash on the eyes. If you use the darker tones to smoke it up or as a liner, you will get more definition. There are multitudes of look combinations in this palette - if I was any good at maths I could tell you how many...but I'm not!

I'm also very taken with the Peony lip gloss to complement this Spring look. It's a beautiful deep pink tone like the colour of babies lips! The shade of health and vibrancy that we are always to emulate for our entire lives!
Once again Bobbi hits the nail on the head by guessing the colours we feel good in and packaging them up in a sweet compact that I personally love taking out of my bag to touch up with!

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Anonymous said...

It really is such a lovely palette :-)

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