Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Gorgeous Gemstones

There are numerous supposed benefits to wearing gemstones. From re-balancing your chakras to more specific results they have a huge following. Whether that is hocus pocus to you or not, at least this jewellery designer, Nallik, has made them into stylish necklaces, so you can look great whilst you get the benefits ( or not - whatever you think, yourself!)

Above: Quartz and brass - good for balancing your mind and physical body.

Rose Quartz- balances your emotions.

Quartz on 30 inch brass chain.

Amethyst and gold - considered one of the most spiritual gemstones, it is good for attaining wisdom and peace.

Chrysocolla and brass - good for those needing peace and harmony and recovering from a broken heart.


DalaLuz said...

I love these! Don't know if they work but either way: those sure look like nice pieces of mother earth to wear close to your heart!

Marie said...

oh these are gorgeous! It's nice to see gemstones used in more edgy jewellery. Love the Rose Quartz one in particular.

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