Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Super Serum

Along with most people I like the concept of 'quick fixes'. I tend to be a sucker for anything making claims of 'overnight miraculous effects'! Alas, I am informed enough to know that these are generally rubbish and that our skin is more complex than that. With our skin's various growth and shedding cycles, it takes a while for skincare products to really show their worth. Of course they can show immediate effects such as added hydration and smoothness but when it comes to any anti-aging claims, you really must go the distance to see if they work. 'How long must we wait?' I hear you cry.... well most skin professionals would say you must use at least one bottle, ideally two bottles, in order to make a proper judgement.
So, I am mid-way through my second bottle of the much praised Regenerist 3 Point Super Serum from Olay and I feel I am ready to appraise it now. Firstly I love the texture; it is silky and easily absorbed. I could see an obviously increased level of hydration after two weeks and was checking the mirror daily for it's claims of firmer skin. To be honest, that did take a while but I do now think that my skin looks tighter and brighter. It is chock-full of amino peptides which are the ultimate anti-aging warriors - there's no point using a serum without them. I'm using it twice daily under my moisturiser and I am very happy with it. I would like it to contain an SPF as it doesn't but nonetheless, I will be purchasing a third bottle.

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