Thursday, October 27, 2011

In Praise Of Glasses

Yes, I know they are the bedrock of geek chic and every second person seems to be wearing them these days whether they need them to see or not. But I thought I would celebrate them anyway!

I love this look with the denim shirt and freckles... very cute!

Round and very a modern Mia Farrow way.

Tortoiseshell, stripes and messy hair. Gotta rock the messy hair with glasses!

Doesn't she look sexy! In a good way...

I think this woman is so beautiful. She looks intelligent, chic and interesting.

I love the retro feel to these frames...

A paler tortoiseshell frame is fantastic for blondes. And again with the messy hair and a red lip...perfection! 

(all pics via Pinterest)


Claire said...

Fab post! I have glasses lust now! Might have to change my frames next year & go retro!

raveena said...

Hi can you tell me the names of the glasses the girl in the first and second pictures is wearing. is the second oliver peoples wacks?? thanks

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