Monday, October 3, 2011

{Makeup Monday} Smashbox Studio Skin

I've tested the Studio Skin foundation from Smashbox out over the past few weeks and I like it a lot. I am normally so wary of the 'longlasting' category of foundations as they can look so artificial on the skin. So it was with a degree of trepidation that I applied this to my own skin, figuring that I would have to actually wear it myself to test it's claims... and it was fine! It was more than fine - it was good in fact!
It has a much dewier finish and feel than MAC's Studio Finish Fluid which I would see as this product's main competitor. It has a medium to full coverage and manages to retain the soft dewy finish for hours and although I don't think I actually wore it for the entire 15 hours, I can vouch for it's good staying power. It's a winner for normal to dry or combination skins. I wouldn't use it on a very dry skin as it may look a bit heavy. They do a good range of shades too. I wear the palest 1.1 and it is suitably pale with no yellowy hue. It's €39 and I think it's worth it.

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