Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Blog, Bump & Beyond

Aaah!  How did it get to Wednesday so soon? Life has taken over this week therefore impeding my blogging pursuits. I did miss you my lovelies but just couldn't quite get to you - I hope you understand.
My nesting instincts are shouting at me loud and clear. I have tidied my house from top to bottom, sorted out the clothes for the new baby, made list after list of things to's so funny, this nesting time, you find yourself with a crazy energy for painting and putting up shelves in preparation for the impending arrival. Seriously, I am about to paint an old chest of drawers a gorgeous cherry red to house the babies bits and bobs. This is not the normal me! Meanwhile, normal service will resume on Ellie loves today...

The five winners of last week's Friday Freebie are:
Kitty Catastrophe
Art Donatella

Email your postal details please!

(the picture isn't me and Lu but looks almost exactly like us at the moment!)

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