Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Fame At Last

I have to have a little rant and rave about this new instant tan called Fame from Rockstar Tan's ever growing stable of products. It's bloody great! Some of you will know that I am not a huge tan fan but I do admit that occasions tend to present themselves where unveiling the pasty white legs just won't do. I was at the super girly and glamorous launch for Fame a few weeks ago and took a bottle home to try. I delayed trying it slightly until I was going to a wedding and I was a bit dubious as I have to say I am old enough to have pretty bad memories of slathering myself in Sunshimmer from Rimmel in the early 90's which was good at the time but not really good if you get my drift. Fame looks just like the dreaded Sunshimmer as it is a very dark brown colour but thankfully the similarities end there.
The first thing I noticed was the smell (nice) and the consistency and blending qualities are excellent. It glides on without patching (at all), it also has ingredients to help firm and moisturise the skin, not just tan..ain't that clever! It adds a slight sheen too thus avoiding that flat brown look that so many tans have. Healthy glowing skin should have a sheen so I was thrilled to see this element included in Fame.
It washes off with soap and water and doesn't patch when in contact with rain. I should know, I was in a biblical downpour on the way to the wedding and although I had an umbrella to save my blowdry I had visions of arriving with legs like a reverse dalmation...not so!
All in all, it's a truly great tan for the commitment-phobes among you who are just too scared of full on false tan and all it's inevitable mistakes.

Fame is €19.99 and worth every cent...seriously good.

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Anne said...

Sold! Thanks Ellie.

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