Monday, July 11, 2011

Bronzing Base

I have been intrigued by the Bronzing Base by Chanel for the longest time. It used to be called Bronze Universel before it was taken away to be tweaked and re-named by the powers that be. It is just about to hit the counters again and I was delighted to get my hands on some to try for myself (thank you Chanel!).
So here's the is a one-shade-suits-all creamy bronzer that can be used under, instead of or on top of makeup. I have tried it all three ways and I have to say that I prefer the finish when used in place of a traditional bronzing powder but used on top of wet foundation. I'm still using my trusty MAC Face & Body and the Bronzing Base sits like a dream on top of it.
Colourwise, I normally recoil from anything that only comes in one shade but bizarrely this really does work for all. It suits my pale skin and I even used it on one of my makeup clients yesterday who is of Indian extraction with quite dark skin and this lifted her complexion and added a beautiful brightness to it. Lisa Eldridge claims she has even used it on Jourdan Dunn to add a lift to her skin so there you go, from light to dark - it works.
It's a product that has to be tried on to be believed because in the tub it looks quite orange so perhaps visit a counter and ask them to apply for you so you can judge it before you buy.
It's worth mentioning that I find it best applied with a kabuki or flat headed bronzer brush..any smaller and it won't blend correctly. Take some of the product from the tub to your hand first and apply from there... going straight from the tub may look too heavy and you won't like it.
This is my current obsession but you have to learn to use it correctly before you can truly fall in love with it, but do make the will be rewarded!

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Monty said...

I absolutely LOVE this product! It's amazing! I have blonde hair and fair skin and this works an absolute treat on me. I wear it almost everyday! If they ever stopped making this, I'd keel over in shock...

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