Friday, July 29, 2011

Vichy Normaderm - An Anti Age & Anti Spot Hero

One of the great injustices in life is the arrival of spots beyond our teens. I broke out in horrific acne just before my 30th birthday and it took a long trial of many different products and treatments to make it disappear. I was told it was due to stress or crazy hormones acting up because I hadn't had a baby yet! I was a bit peeved at that theory - can my skin really be annoyed I hadn't joined the baby making forces? I'm not sure but it is one of those infuriating concepts that are bantered around that only add to the stress of actually having acne I ultimately found out that my skin needed glycolic acid treatments to improve but they were costly and a bit irritating. The other concern for skins in the plus 30 bracket (me!) is anti-aging. I haven't really found many mass market products that address the two issues; increasing lines, open pores and changing texture as well occasional breakouts.
So I was intrigued to try this product from the Vichy range, Normaderm Anti-Age does indeed address all the concerns I mentioned. It contains glycolic acid to act deep into the epidermis to stimulate skin renewal, LHA (Lipo-hydroxy-acid) which acts on the upper layers of skin to gently exfoliate. Remember that scrub exfoliators are an enemy to a skin that is broken out. Vitamin C is included to brighten and help with the production of collagen which is what we begin to lack as we age. Ever wonder why a babies skin is so amazing? They have tons of collagen!
Vichy claim that after 4 weeks people have seen purified skin, less blackheads, smoother texture and reduced wrinkles. Seeing as Vichy generally know what they are talking about, I've taken the challenge. I've just finished week two and the mini pregnancy breakout I had is almost gone and my skin does feel very smooth and clear. I love that it is oil free but my skin does feel moisturised enough... so many products for breakout prone types leave your skin feeling like the Sahara. Not so here.

It will be available from pharmacies in September at €17.50 which is a great price for a product of this calibre.

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fifibelle said...

Oh I am all over this one!!!Nice price too!

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