Friday, December 2, 2011

Skin Saviour - Huile Santal

Brrrr.... it's really getting nippy isn't it? My skin always acts accordingly and changes type from fairly normal/combination in the Summer to mainly dry in the Winter. I'm not crazy on this process but it's just what my skin does. It also changes how my foundation looks so I need to nurture my skin as I don't want to change to a totally different product. I'm currently wearing Teint Miracle by Lancome and loving it for it's medium and soft coverage, but my increasing dryness is making it look a little dull.
So! It's time for oils. Last week I wrote about the lovely Rosehip Oil from Trilogy but have since used up every last drop so I switched to this Huile Santal from Clarins and I'm finding it fantastic so far. I massage in a pearl sized drop at night after exfoliating gently with Dermalogica's Daily Microfoliant and my skin is glowing and hydrated and bouncy looking (not quite a 'skincare' term I know!). It could be in part down to the facial massage which never fails to enliven sluggish celll turnover but I really think this oil has a lot to do with it.
Containing lavender, cardamom and soothing sandalwood oils, it has a definite aromatherapy aroma, which I happen to like but it soaks in quickly if you don't use too much so it's a winner for all you dry skinned ladies.
A little pricey at around €40 but one for the wish list perhaps??

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