Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Minerals Rock

Mineral makeup. Such a huge new wave in makeup on these shores (even though they've been around for 20 years in the US). They are a whole new concept and technique to embrace. It will take a bit of getting used to, but it's worth it if you ask me.
The original format is the loose powder in the shakers which are buffed on to the skin with a brush. Minerals are also put into liquid foundations now which are better for those who can't get their heads and hands around the powders.
In case you don't know the benefits of these types of products let me tell you there are many! They are (mostly) 100% natural but you must check the ingredients; they should not contain talc...if they do, the company is cheating by trying to cut the pure powders with talc to make them go further.
They have a natural SPF of 15-20 and are really soothing on the skin. So much so that they have been used by dermatologists and plastic surgeons for years on sensitised skin and even on post-procedure skins. They have a high level of pigment so a little goes a long way and you are in control of the coverage; you can put on as little as you want for a sheer veil of colour or as much as you need to tone down any skin issues.
Minerals by their nature have a slight iridescence, it's all the crushed rocks basically; you know when you look at rocks and see sparkly bits? Well that is what is crushed and on your face!

I think the leader of the pack are Bare Minerals. They have been formulating these foundations for longer than the rest and the powders are silky and long lasting. You must learn to apply them properly because you will feel let down if you try it incorrectly and it ends up a mess. They are worth putting the time in at a counter to get a demonstration from their makeup artists.
In the liquid category the Mineralize SatinFinish by MAC has my vote. I have started using it recently and it is my current night time foundation ( I still can't be swayed away from their Face & Body for day!). It has the same benefits as the powders but the minerals are suspended in a liquid, so apply using a flat foundation brush in the traditional technique and you are good to go...

Every cosmetic company have jumped on the mineral bandwagon, but you must be careful in your choice. The products shouldn't be too powdery or too sparkly because you will excessively dry or shiny; both bad.

Other good examples of minerals that perform well are the Jane Iredale powders (not her liquids) and Maybelline have a nice liquid which is a great budget option.

Go forth and try, my friends!

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