Tuesday, June 1, 2010


The Great Foundation Challenge is continuing unabated here at Ellie Loves...! The latest that I'm loving and one of the greatest so far is this excellent offering from Revlon. PhotoReady foundation is a star product in my eyes and I'm delighted to have found it. For years I was quite devoted to Stila's Illuminating foundation and then, as you know, the brand has left our fair isle. Up to this point I haven't come across a product that has come close to it in terms of dewiness yet with decent coverage. Well, fret not; here it is!

I have to admit to not using many of Revlon's products at all apart from the odd lip colour or nail varnish and I am an avid hater of their big seller ColourStay as I find it too heavy and dense.
However, I am so pleasantly surprised to see how the brand is changing into a real treasure trove for makeup artists. Makeup guru, Gucci Westman has taken over the helm as creative director and last winters deep violet-y plum tones were the best on offer in my opinion.

So, when PhotoReady arrived through my door I had high hopes. They were fulfilled!

It has a medium to medium- well coverage (to use some cooking terms!) and it's level of illumination is perfect; not too glittery, not too oily, just right. I think it is appropriate for all ages and can be used with a brush or with fingers to apply. A little goes a long way, so your bottle will last you a long time. One pump should blend well over your entire face; using too much of this product will result in it not looking good, so remember, as with all makeup...less is more.
I found it to last very well over the day as long as it is set with powder.
I also like that it has a high SPF of 20 and it doesn't negatively affect the coverage. Some other high level SPF foundations can cause the product to separate on the skin giving an uneven look.
Colour-wise, there are 12 shades including some true pale shades for our celtic complexions, so you will find your colour here.

Revlon, you rock!

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