Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Smokey Combinations

I've been playing with this compact lately and am impressed. It is one of Dior's iconic 5 Colour Artistry palettes in Smoky Design. I am frequently wary of palettes as I think there is always at least one dodgy shade in there that you will never use. Not so with this little gem.
Each shade here has a different texture and therefore a different role to play within a dark eye makeup. Of course, you don't have to go completely dark with this; a wash of one of the paler shades over the lid with a brush dipped into the creamy black to line the upper lash is lovely.
If you want the smokey look just work from light to dark to build intensity... One option is to apply the pale shade on the lid, gunmetal grey to contour in the socket, shimmery silver patted over the ball of the eye and black to line above and below.
The beauty of these palettes lies in the amount of combinations you can achieve. I know there's a maths equation to that effect but I wasn't paying attention...

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