Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sun Worshipping Gone Wrong

Three years ago, shortly after Ivan and I became an item we went to Thailand on what we called our honeymoon ( we've done everything out of conventional order; honeymoon, baby and now we're getting married!)
It was a blissful holiday in every respect...amazing place, amazing food, and unfortunately, amazing sunburn.
Now, you would think that someone like me knows all the risks of being in the sun, and indeed I do. However on the second last day of our holiday, I set out for a long walk along this fabulous beach while Ivan read his book in the shade...
I returned an hour later and Ivan's face was priceless; basically he was trying to tell me in the nicest way he could that I looked like a lobster. I had slathered myself in factor 30 but hadn't felt the heat as there was a strong wind blowing that day...disaster. We spent the night with me in a cold bath after a trip to the doctor to get anti-inflammatory tablets for my chronic sunburn.
The long flight(s) home were Hell as my poor skin didn't like the faux leather seats and the heat at all...

The after effects on my skin haven't been pretty. I notice so many more brown spots, wrinkles and slightly worrying brown moles that I have yet to get checked. I realised I was always a little lax with SPF in our notoriously dismal Irish summers but not any more!
I have found a facial SPF that I dearly love and I apply it daily without fail. It is the Anti-oxidant Daily Face Protector by Jan Marini. It is applied over moisturiser and under makeup and it has lot's of nice skin benefits as well as a good high factor. I was given it by the totally fabulous skin guru Peggy Stringer in Monkstown Laser Clinic who is now in charge of my skin; I do whatever she tells me to do!

For my body I am devoted to La Roche Posay's Anthelios suite of sun protectors. They are great for sensitive skin like mine and don't go all greasy and white looking so you can still look half decent in your bikini. The Anthelios XL 50 was jut voted best cream by Cosmopolitan Magazine and they know a thing or two.

Let my cautionary tale be a warning for you sun worshippers on this coming holiday weekend. Lobsters are for eating with a cool glass of white wine...not for having as a skin tone!

Enjoy the sun, my friends...

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