Thursday, June 3, 2010

Summer Face

It's going to be a warm weekend. Hurrah! Tomorrow Lu and I are going down to visit Ivan in Ballymaloe...very excited! When it's warm, you have to review your makeup routine though so these two products are my update for my makeup bag this season.

The Studio Moisture Tint by MAC is excellent. It's a one-product-does-all wonder which is music to my ears when I'm putting on my face, chasing Lu and doing 100 other things at the same time! It gives an SPF of 15 and a nice glowy look to the skin. It is very sheer so if you are looking for coverage; don't look here, but it's great for sunny days when a foundation feels too much for your skin.
I have fallen for these little beauties too. They are the Sheer SPF Lip Treatments by NARS. The name says it all really...they are a bit more than a balm but feel like one. They have a soft colour and leave a lovely moist look to the lips as well as protecting them. I love the shades Lara and Angelique for a rosy, pretty lip.

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