Thursday, June 10, 2010

Pink Please

Pink is the new red. It is such a hot colour at the moment in makeup world. Look how refreshing it is on the model looks really modern and clean. Pink lips haven't really been around for a while and you have to be careful which shade you pick. Frosted, baby pinks are a huge no-no...even if people are trying to channel the eighties again (which I hate!)

This Bobbi Brown palette has every shade you could ever need; the hot pink is amazing with minimal eye makeup and a soft pink blush, the peachy pink works for every day and the rosy toned pink is fabulous at night with a grey metallic wash over the eye lid. The sparkle-y almost transparent gloss is great on it's own or mixed with any of the shades.

I love this picture! Isn't she beautiful? Her salt and pepper hair is cool and look how the soft pinks she is wearing lift her skin tone and look fresh and vibrant.
Pink is great; try it... you'll like it.
(images from here )

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