Thursday, December 2, 2010

Art Attack

I came across one of these beautiful prints over on one of my very favourite blogs, Cup of Jo and followed the link to Israeli artist Tali's Etsy store. And what a treasure trail it turned out to be. I have fallen for lot's of her lovely pieces and I have to tell you how amazingly reasonable they are. Most of them are prints, but they average at only US$15.

I love the poignant look in her eyes. This is an original piece in pastels.

I like the coquette-ish look to this girl...

This piece is called Blue Boat and it is an original in acrylic (only $55!)

Perhaps it's the Irish in me, but I just love lot's of people around a table drinking tea!

This reminds me of someone's granny, it has that vintage feel. I think it's her hair style.

( pardon the title - I couldn't resist! )

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1 comment:

Aisling said...

Ellie - I own one of Tali's original drawings! I love her style too.

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