Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Good Nude

I thought I'd share with you this lovely nude lip combination that I've been using a lot lately. I have grown rather tired of the ubiquitous 'total nude' lip; one that looks like it's covered with concealer.... I think that faces look better with some colour on the lips or you will run the risk of looking corpse-like. So this is Saint Nude by Australian lipstick guru, Poppy King. Her colours come in Saints (sheer) or Sinners ( full coverage ) and for this nudey look I think the Saint performs the best. It's basically a light brown-ish nude so it does leave the lip with some colour. It's fantastic with golds and bronzes on the eyes and some peachy shimmer on the cheeks.

I line under the lipstick to ensure lasting staying power and my latest and greatest nude liner is Nuance by Chantecaille. It's like a better MAC Spice as it's not too orange; more a nudey fleshy brown. I think it's worthy of cult status. Buy it from Space NK in Harvey Nichols...

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Leslie said...

I love nude lips but am starting to venture into pink-toned reds and super glossy nude gloss.

Love your blog!
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