Friday, December 3, 2010

Winter Skin Heroes

I'm freezing. Even though my central heating is on and I'm wrapped up in woolens and drinking endless cups of tea. I get like this in the snow- my body heat decreases entirely leaving me a chattering wreck! Then I go out to play in the snow with Lu with the aim of getting moving and thus warming up, which works of course, but my skin does not love these extremes of temperature at all. Not one little bit.
So when I look at myself sans makeup (which I have been all week due to being more or less snowed in) I see a skin in need. A skin crying out for nourishment and moisture. Begging for TLC! But I also possess a skin that will break out at the slightest overloading of heavy creams. So a balance must be sought.

Last winter I took the advice of my local pharmacist who isn't just a pharmacist; she stocks all sorts of gorgeous beauty things in the old school style apothecary she runs. I love browsing in there and chatting about lotions and potions with her. Anyway, she turned me on to Neal's Yard Remedies, which I have seen for years and read many good things about but never tried.
She recommended the Frankincense Hydrating Cream for me and my poor skin loved it. It brightened up, softened up and became an overall nicer skin. It contains the super anti-aging oils of Frankincense and Myrrh ( how Christmassy!) as well as vitamins E and A to feed and revitalise. It is also completely organic so therefore no toxic nasties to pollute stressed skin.
What I really like about it is the fact that it's not an overly heavy cream; so no oily face and it's ok under makeup. It also feels like it's a good barrier against the arctic conditions we're playing host to in this country at the moment!

There is another product from the range that I can't do without and that is the gorgeous Wild Rose Beauty Balm. Even the name is lovely! I adore anything that smells of real rose oil and I use this nourishing balm all over my hands in this cold weather as well as on my nose before I go out! It protects my nose and gives me a constant rose fragrance as I walk! It soothes both my skin and soul...what's not to love?

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Veronica said...

These products sound utterly scrumptious. Must treat my winter battered skin too!

raquel said...

Voted for you today!haven't won any from your giveaways though

FunnyFaceBeauty said...

Just voted for you Ms. Ellie. Congrats on the nomination, that is amazing! Goodluck. You deserve the win.

Skinni Peach said...

Neals Yard is the bomb, absolutely love their stuff. The rose balm is a fab cleaser too!

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