Thursday, December 16, 2010

Lauder Nail It

I'm feeling so Christmassy yet have one eye towards Spring. I'm a typical Gemini - one foot in either camp! So when I spotted these new nail polishes from Estee Lauder's Spring Collection I came over all excited.

I love the shades. This deep coral is called Tempting Melon (the one on top is Sizzling Taupe). The finish of Lauder's polishes are always excellent and really professional. Super makeup artist, Tom Pechaux, is at the helm at Lauder Towers, so you can rely on great strides from this previously unexciting colour brand.

This is Purple Passion - dubious names but delightful colours! Bring on Spring-like prettiness for our nails!

But back to my Christmassy reds for now. Patience is a virtue etc etc...

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