Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Beautiful Bows

These gorgeous pieces are by Eilis Boyle, the Irish designer whom I hold in very high regard. I love the quality of her work and her fashion aesthetic is almost of another age, something that is disappearing in these mass market, high street times. She holds her standards high and her work tells the story of her love for what she does. I love the attention to detail in all her work and that is why I'll be buying some of these beauties for Christmas presents (don't look Mum!)

This embroidered sash is just so lovely, I can imagine wearing it in so many ways... with a slinky LBD, with black cropped wool trousers and a loose silk t-shirt for chic evening cool, with a full length organza skirt and close fitting top for a formal night time event.

And look how lovely it is in ivory; brides take note, could be a lovely feature to add to your look.

Arm-warmers! What a great idea...
I love these. No, in fact, I need these.

These pieces are featured in Eilis's online store called The Silent Gallery for another three days.

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