Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ines is Back

Ines de la Fressange has always been a style icon of mine. She first came on my radar in the early nineties when I saw an article in Elle magazine about her shop she had recently opened in Paris. It was one of the first of the lifestyle concept stores where she just sold things she fancied or that she came across on her travels. So no regular inventory of products and you could never get the same thing again... I loved the idea!

She began modelling in the mid seventies and was known as 'the talking model' because she was never shy of expressing her opinions. She became the house model from Chanel as her physical resemblance to Coco Chanel was uncanny.

I love her style; such a mix of contemporary pop culture mixed seamlessly with classic French couture.

She was dropped by Chanel after her decision to pose for a statue of Marianne ( the symbol of France) which was to be displayed in every town hall across the country. Lagerfeld thought it to be a vulgar choice on her behalf, saying he refused to dress a monument. This decision has just been overturned however, as she is walking the runway for Chanel again TODAY! I'm so excited and will share pictures as soon as I see them!

Her androgynous style is so chic...always in skinny straight legged trousers and shirts...

With her daughter Violette... stylish pair.


Velveteen said...

I'd never heard of her before reading this post!! She is absolutley stunning! I'm so envious of people who can be so effortlessly stylish!!!

sandy said...

Some ladies just has that little bit of something that makes you want to be them.

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