Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Long Lasting Cover

The term 'longwear' in any makeup product normally fills me with a particular type of dread. I really don't like the idea that a product will stick to the skin for 15 hours plus. I know that the ingredients used to provide this long wear make the skin look cakey or sticky or just bad! I understand, however, that people are very drawn to this type of product offering and Revlon's Color Stay and Estee Lauder's Double Wear are huge sellers. I am not a fan of either though.

So when I was sent the new MAC Longwear duo to try I was slightly dubious to say the least!
But I have been testing them over the past week and I think they are worthwhile but you must use them correctly otherwise you'll cake.

The concealer is a tricky one as it has a pump mechanism that seems to shed rather too much per press. This will become irritating over time so perhaps dispense some into a little sample pot and work from there.
Now, this is a good product and has a very good coverage but is not your friend if your skin is dry. If you are slightly dry, particularly in the under eye area, step away from the concealer!! Do not even attempt to apply it as it will increase lines and look obvious.
This works very well on a combination to oily skin and a very well moisturised under eye. The product needs some slip beneath it in order to look good, and a little goes a very long way (hence the annoyance at how much is dispensed - you just don't need that much)
I used this on a client who had a lot of red in her cheeks; I applied it with a flat concealer brush and painted it over the foundation to take down the residual worked perfectly. And it's longwear features mean that it will sit over an area such as a cheek for the full day without lifting off as some other creamy concealer may do.
The texture is initially creamy and smooth but dries quite quickly so you must work in one area at a time and as quickly as you can.
Overall, I do like this product and it has made it's way into my kit, but it's one to practice restraint with...if you do, it will give you a natural long lasting cover that is the best of the 'Long Wear' categories on the market.


nicoletta said...

Great review, i've been wondering about this. Not tried it yet x

Karleigh said...

fab review, all I've heard is negatives so far! I still want to try it though, my skin is really oily =( x

*Starsglittermagic* said...

great review =) i've heard quite a few mixed opinions about their longwear line. think i might go try it in store before i dive in and buy it xx

une tasse said...

I recently bought this and I agree with you on all points. Not sure if I would buy this again as select moisturecover is so much easier to work with x

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