Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Treasure Trove

I went to explore the new INGLOT store in the Dundrum centre yesterday and was lost in makeup for quite some time. I have used some of this Polish brands products before and indeed nominated their freedom system palette for the Prudence Beauty Awards this year too. But previously I hadn't really spent any time at a counter to get the true vibe of the brand.

It's a lot to take in at once; there is a kaleidescope of wonderful colours in a great range of textures. It's the expanse of colour that takes you over initially, I didn't spend half enough time playing with the base products as I was so taken in by the dizzying array of shades.

The lipsticks come in varying textures; matte, sheer, shimmer, gel and in every shade you can imagine. I loved 264 - nude, 165 - slightly frosted natural tone, 136 - gorgeous shimmery russet, 401 - cool matte coral ( v Cheryl Cole!)

Their lip paints come in little pots exactly like the NARS ones. Shades 51 and 52 are basic naturals that should be in everyones makeup collection.

I was very interested in the cream blushers. I am extremely critical in this category as I think most brands cant get enough pigment to make a difference or enough creaminess to give a glow yet not end up in an oily mess. INGLOT get it right; the blushers are very similar to my desert island product - the Convertible Colours by Stila - and I am delighted to find a stand in for them.

The eyeshadows are superb, the textures divine. I took away three shades that I know will be used to death in my kit! They are shades 402, 402 and 435. All three have a slight sheen but not too much and they are in the mushroom-y brown family that I'm loving this season with a brick red lip.

There is so much to talk about in this brand but I think the very best element is their prices! The most expensive product is €25! Now, that's what I call beautiful!

If I were you, I'd be sharpening your elbows and storming the counter this Saturday! I for one will be a regular there and you'll see more of it here that's for sure...


Leslie said...

Have a fun shopping spree! :0)

Rachel said...

Ohh - can't wait to get up to Dublin for my trip there. Really had thought that INGLOT were a much more expensive brand, delighted at this gem of information!

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