Thursday, October 28, 2010

Surprise Treat

Lately, I have been testing the products from the Sheer Cover range which is a mineral makeup range from the states. It's available online only and has a QVC type vibe which scared me a little initially; it comes with a dvd to coach you on how to use the products and it's all very happy, back-slappingly American for my my reserved Irish taste in marketing ( I tend to prefer a more subtle approach!)
Anyway, I will report back on the entire system next week as I want to wear it for a while longer to really assess it. But I do want to tell you about their little mascara gem that I found...

I have to be honest and admit that I almost didn't try it. It is part of the Sheer Cover kit which contains mini sizes of mascara, eye shadow and lip gloss. I usually disregard these 'sample' products and prefer to get to the main event - the mineral powders, brushes etc.

But guess what? I tried it and I loved it. It has a great little brush that is wider at the end and skinnier in the middle so therefore gives great lift at the edge of the lashline. It was very lengthening and building so did exactly what it said it would do.

It was a genuine surprise to get such a good mascara in the kit that I thought would be focussed solely on the powders and I'll be using it till it's gone!

* can be ordered from here with a 20% discount*

1 comment:

SweetLikeJelly said...

I love finding an unexpected gem! It's what makes make up exploration worthwhile!!!

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