Friday, October 8, 2010

Keeping It Real

Last night I was having one of my epic phone calls with my friend and I was musing on the week that has just passed and how it's been a busy one with some strange, yet ultimately welcome developments. From fashion shows to meetings with people about possible partnerships; I've enjoyed it.
But the very best moment of the whole week was when I glanced out the window to see Lu in the garden, sitting on a football eating a fistful of apricots! She was so content and so damn cute that it made my week! Literally - it was the best moment of the entire few days...

So today I'm celebrating my little Lulu and her funny little ways. I can't wait to see what she gets up to as she grows into herself further and finds her passions. Currently, stories are The Best Thing! Yesterday I read How to Catch A Star five times in a row with her pointing out all the stars on every single page and when I got to the end, she would turn the pages back to the start and look up at me with a don't you even think about stopping look on her face.

Music is her other current passion and I hope it stays for her whole life. She dances like a loon and spins around in circles till she's dizzy- so far she seems to love Bob Marley, U2 and Stevie Wonder. Not bad taste for 18 months! She is even adept at changing the station on the radio if she finds them to be talking too much!

I love these shots from Misha Lulu of this gorgeous bedroom. Books, bright colours, pictures and toys... a perfect haven for a little dreamer to grow her imagination into something big and strong.

So have a happy Friday my dears, I hope that you too had a golden moment in the week that has passed.

If not, maybe take a leaf out of Lu's book...Keep it real, sit on a football, eat some apricots!


Siún said...

Ellie, I love this post. I really enjoy your blog, it's so open and really positive. Lu sounds just beautiful.
Thanks for a little light :)

Ellie Balfe said...

Aw Siun, thank for such a sweet comment. Means a lot x

Leslie said...

This post was so warm and heartfelt. It made me happy.

I'm a new follower to your blog. Check out my blog & follow back? :)

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