Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Max Factor Ageless Elixir

Lately I have been sent a few products to try out that are all aimed at the more senior of skins. Trying hard not to take offence I have put them through their paces nonetheless! The latest product to impress me is the Ageless Elixir from Max Factor. It's one of the latest hybrid foundations that encompasses skincare benefits. So the idea is that this is your serum and makeup in one. It has a slightly gel-like consistency that you think wouldn't blend into the skin too well; but it does. It actually feels quite like the silicone texture of the Smashbox primer. This element helps to smooth out the skin and it also contains SPF15 (like most things these days, but still worth mentioning) Overall it does indeed give a good look to the skin - fine lines do look a little more diffused. They claim that it will help with the skin's overall texture after time - I haven't worn it long enough to know that yet but it does have a nice feel and a medium coverage (they say it's full coverage - it isn't, but that's ok) Be aware that it does have an initial 'smell' when you pump it out. Quite floral and skincare-y but it fades on application.

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Ms Bubu said...

I also received this to try and love it! Even though I'm still younger than 30, I like it, one of my favourite foundation!

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