Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New Nudes

Here's a thing; not all nude lipsticks are created equal. They may all look similar enough in the tube but they are not so when actually on the lip. Varying degrees of flesh tones, pink tones and warmer yellow tones set them apart. As a general rule the cooler and pinker they are the better they will suit us porcelain people and the more beige and warm they are, all the better for sallow ladies. Tread with caution though, as to choose the wrong one will leave you with yellow looking teeth. I have been using two new nudes lately and they are a good example of each.
The Rouge Dior lipstick by, yes, Dior in shade 298 - Beige Indecise is a beautifully luxurious product. It has a creamy texture with deep pigment so is long lasting. This is one of the warmer tones so is fantastic if you tend towards sallow. (even if you are winter pale now, judge it by whether you tan in the sun or not; if you do, this is a great shade for you)

Now to my personal favourite purely because I fall in the porcelain bracket ( aka half dead in winter) so the cooler, delicate pink undertone in Maybelline's Color Sensational lipstick in Rosewood Pearl is perfect for me. Don't worry, it's not a pink, it's definitely a nude, but much easier to wear than the warmer toned shades that just make pale people look as though they have smeared foundation over their lips and left it there!
I will be rocking this lipstick with a metallic navy eye shadow for the upcoming IFTA's next week. Fun!


Siún said...

Looking forward to seeing a pic of it on Ellie!

fluff and fripperies said...

Love the look of that Dior lippie although as I have about 82 lipsticks in various shades of nude, I think I'd better try and restrain myself! Look forward to seeing pics of your IFTA look too, it sounds fabulous.

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