Monday, February 14, 2011

Parisienne Pots of Pretty

I am quite excited about some of the new releases from Bourjois. As always they introduce pretty, covetable and innovative products which are superstars in their price bracket.
But did you know about their history? They go back a long way to Paris around 1863 where Monsieur Bourjois was busy concocting stage makeup used in the dressing rooms of young theatrical artistes. He came up with the baked powder formula blushers and shadows that are still used today. They have always been cased in the little round pots which are now iconic in the beauty world and have also always been intended for a dual usage - wet or dry. So whether you like a lighter wash of colour or a more intense level of colour, you can be in control.
This season the little pots have cute vignettes of Paris landmarks on their lids to celebrate their heritage. My favourite shades are Rose Coupe de Foudre ( a warm peach with gold sheen) and Rose de Jaspe ( A peachy pink - super flattering for Spring) I also love the smell of them, they have that old fashioned makeup smell that divides some, but I love it. It conjures up the nostalgic idea of the mystery of makeup that grabbed me as a little girl and perhaps played part in my desire to become a makeup artist!

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