Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Perfect Line

I got an email asking about the differences in eye liners and which I prefer to use. So, gel liners vs. liquid liners. Who wins in my book? The answer is definitely gel. Of course, the line you end up with is as good as you are at drawing it, so practice makes perfect. But overall, a gel is much easier to work with in my book. If you're going for a huge flick like the one above at Louis Vuitton it will be easier to manipulate a gel to get the shape. As a rule, gels glide easier on to the skin and they have a deep pigment so look very dark, which is what you want.

My very favourite is BlackTrack by MAC. It is simple to use and you can add layers to build up colour. One of my pet hates about traditional liquid liners is that they tend to 'bump' over the lashline and after a few hours they are inclined to crack on the skin. Gel, by it's nature stays somewhat malleable and can move with the skin as it inevitably does.

My favourite brush to use with gel liners is this 209, also by MAC. The tip is thin enough to draw a thin line and you can be in control of how thick or flicky you would like to go.

If you're attempting this look for the first time, dot some little points along the lash line and then join them up rather than trying to draw a line in one motion. For a flick at the outer edge, draw straight out after you cross the pupil rather than following the lash line downwards towards the cheek.

Good Luck!

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Anne said...

Thanks for the tip Ellie!

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