Monday, February 14, 2011

The Scoop On The IFTA's

So, the IFTA's were fun...they were very, very long. We were in our seats from 7pm till midnight for all of the technical awards as well as the big ones. Then there was a fantastic aftershow party where everyone let their hair down till the wee hours. It was so much fun celeb-spotting and I was on constant 'frock-watch' . Unfortunately, I didn't think there were that many stand out dresses, most people played it safe in black and there were a lot of short dresses as well as long.
Saoirse Ronan and Joely Richardson were my favourites as they looked so sophisticated and as I was a guest of MAC, I got the inside scoop on all the gossip from the makeup chairs, but I am far too professional to divulge, sorry! Suffice to say that the best of the MAC artists led by Lesley Keane looked after all the biggest stars including Kim Cattrall and the makeup was stunning as you would expect from this calibre of artist. MAC put so much time and energy into training their artists - it is one of the best programmes to be on for budding makeup artists as they are exposed to high pressure fashion weeks, shoots for print and are groomed in how to act in every professional situation. If I were starting over, I'd work for MAC!

So the pictures.... I only have one that is semi-clear as Lu had smeared her pawprints over my camera lens and the rest of the shots were impossible to see! So this is the only one...very soft focus!


Anne said...

Love your dress Ellie....very chic. The lipstick was perfect. Sounds like a great night. Sky plused it, so looking forward to the catch up tonight.

Siún said...

You look great, love the navy dress. i like Katherine Thomas' dress

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