Thursday, May 20, 2010

Beauty-full Savings

People always ask me where they can make savings in their makeup expenditure. The answer is in the colour pieces. You need to get your foundation right at whatever cost but you can scrimp all you like on your eye shadows, lip glosses, blushers etc.
The reason for this is twofold; what people tend not to know is that most of the budget brands are made by the bigger brands anyway. So the same amount of research and creative control goes into them, they are just set apart for marketing reasons. The budget brands are certainly smaller with less shade extensions, particularly in the foundations, but the colour is basically the same quality.
The second reason you can head to the budget brands is because, us fickle creatures tend to change our minds on what we like from time to time! So one season, we're rocking purple shadow, the next we want pale, apple-y green on our peepers. But what we don't want is to be shelling out too much as we follow our whims. So experiment with the cheaper brands; for the most part, you will not be sacrificing quality.

So, my dears, allow me to introduce you to the marvellous Bourjois eye shadows...made by Chanel!

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